Payday again

We had schnitzels for dinner this week. It was a lovely treat as Mom hasn’t done them for so long.

Wednesday some shit kicked off at home and I felt so drained when I got into bed and Thursday I woke up with my head feeling like it was on fire so I called in sick. I felt better after some extra sleep and I had some food when I woke. I needed some fresh air so I went to my Nan’s for a quick cuppa and to drop off two tops she had said she would try to fix BebeCarfor me. I got them and they’re too big but I took the labels off so I can’t return them. She reckons she could stitch them up to make them less baggy around my arms. Mom and I got some catalogues from BabyGear in Camberley because my aunt has told me she wants to buy me a pram. She told me to have a look around at what I want and the prices etc and then she’ll sort it out. I really want a BebeCar. There is a grey and white one that I liked. It comes with a car seat, pram carry cot top and a stroller seat. As you can see in the picture, it is grey and white with a chrome chassis and white wheels. I am so excited to be pushing my baby around in the pram. It gets more real every time I think about next year.

I am babysitting Frank this weekend. I have booked us to go to the Sealife Centre in London. It looks fun and I think he’ll love it. Not sure whether to take the stroller with us or not. Will decide tomorrow.

Weekend is here. I finished work half hour ago. My grandad picked me up. I am starving so I need to find out what my mom is doing for dinner as she is working tonight at 9pm.

I have my first midwife’s appointment on Monday. I am very excited about it. I have some questions I need to ask her so I have wrote them down or else I will likely forget.



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