Back to work I go

Well Saturday I went into town for some new undies and I bought some slippers along with 2 new tops. After town I stopped at Nan’s for a cuppa then mom picked me up for dinner with her and her boyfriend. We went to the Harvester. I wasn’t overly hungry so I didn’t eat as much as I would have liked. At 8:30 mom and I went to the cinema to watch Spy. It was freaking hilarious. We got home late but luckily I don’t work Sunday’s so I had a nice lay in.

We had dinner at Nan’s yesterday then in the afternoon we went up the old folks place to see my gran. She’s getting more battier every time we see her. I think her dementia is getting worse :(

Today I was back at work. It wasn’t a totally bad day considering what a shit day I had Friday so that was good.

I am 7 weeks tomorrow. I wasn’t sure I would bother with the whole “weekly bump” picture mostly because I’m fat and I actually already look really pregnant lol but here goes my 7 weeks bump (a day early)


7 weeks

There you have it. My bump pic of me wearing my spongebobs pants (which are new btw).

Last night my brother and his girlfriend were shouting at each other at midnight so I told them to shut it. Then my brothers friends thought it was appropriate to make lots of noise at 1am whilst playing Xbox!

I am currently in bed just finishing watching a film called The Gunman on my iPad then I am off to bed.



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