Too tired for that shit

Well my week was okay to start with. I had a meeting on Tuesday. It was enlightening to some extent. New series of Pretty Little Liars started 2 weeks ago. Episodes are aired on Netflix every Wednesday so I caught up on that. There is a new episode from the new series of Hannibal on the box at 10pm too but I can’t make it to 10. I’m usually fast asleep so I watched it online at 8 lol it’s beyond weird now.

Thursday I didn’t sleep at all well Wednesday night so I didn’t go into work. I struggled to sleep in the day to make up for it. But then Thursday night I also couldn’t sleep due to the fact it was so humid and muggy. I ended up in work today with 4 hours sleep. Normally that wouldn’t be as much of an issue but as I am almost 7 weeks pregnant: I WAS EXHAUSTED. We had a meeting and some stuff was said that made the office morale drop very low. And then something went kablooey with some work and I got really annoyed because I had to somehow fix an issue that shouldn’t have even existed in the first place. Then 10 minutes before I leave my TL comes to me and says something about a change in my job role (which I have only had like a month or so, and only signed the contract for TODAY). So that upset me. I was just too damn tired for this shit day it turned out to be.

I got a lift home from work from my mom’s boyfriend. He also then run me up the chippy and dropped me at my Nans. I stayed there for a while then as it got dark she dropped me home. She got me a present from her holiday as her and my grandad have been away all week. She got me a fairy wishes jar. Basically you write a wish then put it in the jar. A year later you read them all and see if they came true. It’s so cool. She also got me a baby’s blanket. It’s so soft and it’s a light beige-brown colour. I love it.

I have just got into bed. I have got hayfever eyes and a banging headache plus I’m exhausted so I’m off to bed. I hope the weekend is much better and chilled out because I do not need the stress I had today. It’s bad for the baby!



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