Tiptoe through the tulips

Insidious: chapter 3 was pretty good. It made me jump a few times. As I am not so easily shocked during a horror it got a thumbs up from me. That was on Friday evening. Afterwards my Grandad picked me up and I went to my nan’s for a cuppa. My mom had said she was going cinema to watch Spy but she must’ve changed her mind because she was at my Nan’s when I got there. We stayed for a while then we went home and watched a film called Switch. Mom and I have seen it before but her boyfriend hadn’t so we made him lol it is a comedy though so I think he was okay with it.
Saturday I woke up at 9 and got the bus into town at 10 as I was going to see Jurassic World at the cinema at 11:30. Whilst walking to the bus stop the shoulder strap on my NEW handbag snapped both ends and the bag just dropped to the floor. I was really annoyed as I had only had it for like 3 days so I stomped into town to buy a new one. The new one is actually far nicer and a lot sturdier but then again it should be because it was twice the bloody price. I watched Jurassic World. I tried the Nachos at the cinema but the “cheesy” sauce was nasty so I just ate the tortilla’s on their own but it was a bit dry lol the film was good and I am glad I went and saw it.

After the cinema I went to my Nan’s for the afternoon. Everyone was there because my mom was having her car done by her cousin who is a mechanic and my nan’s brother and his wife had popped in to tell us my Gran had a urine infection so she’s been acting more balmy than usual. Mom and I went back home because she was working the night and wanted a sleep. I read some of my book then at half 7 she got up and we decided it was too late to bother cooking so we ran up the chippy then she dropped me (and my half of the dinner) at my Nan’s and she took hers off to work. I stayed at my Nan’s till 10ish and I couldn’t be arsed to have a shower when I got in so I just got straight into bed.
Sunday I woke up 10ish, which was a nice lay in. I walked round my Nan’s at about half 11 as I was having dinner there. I carried on reading my book and then we ate dinner. Nan did broccoli especially for me as it is the only vegetable I can tolerate. And with being pregnant I need to eat as best as I can. It is such hard work for me as I am just too damn fussy. There is so many foods that I hate and the thought of them make my stomach turn.
After dinner we got in the car and went up the old folks place to visit my Gran. She wasn’t as balmy as we expected so they must’ve pushed some fluids through her as soon as they realised she had it. We left the home at about 4ish and I went back to nan’s as my stuff was there. My mom picked me up not too long after. When we got in I watched a film on Netflix called The Legend of Hercules which was very good. It had Kellan Lutz in it half naked so I couldn’t complain. After that I went up for a bath and mom went off to work. I got into bed to finish my book, which I did, then I went to sleep.

I feel torn between nausea and hunger. I am either constantly hungry or nauseous. It is hard to tell the difference sometimes. I see the midwife on June 29th so that is exactly 2 weeks today.


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