I feel cheated

I feel like having my EDD pushed back almost a fortnight has robbed me of the last fortnight where I have known I am pregnant and have enjoyed getting past weeks 5 and 6. I have to do it all again. It seems unfair. It also means my pregnancy is now 2 weeks LONGER. I know that technically I didn’t actually “go through” weeks 5 and 6 but I thought I had because of the fact that when I took them 3 tests 2 weeks ago, I had believed I was 5 weeks pregnant then. The clearblue digital even said +3. I really hope though that it isn’t twins. I don’t think I could cope as a single parent with 2 babies. I mean, it IS doable but it would be hard hard work!?!?!

I don’t mean to moan. Seeing the heartbeat relieved me so much that I am genuinely so happy about my little sesame seed (that is how big it is atm according to my pregnancy app) but I feel a bit annoyed about my dates. My Last monthly Period was 7 weeks ago and that is how they date you normally. Ah well, just have to take it easy and hope my little sesame seed sticks between now and my next scan.



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