Wrong EDD

Well I had my Early Pregnancy Unit appointment today at 11am. I sat in the wrong part of the waiting room when I got there and I didn’t realise until 12. So I didn’t get called for, and if I did I didn’t hear it. After sitting down at the proper part of the waiting room I was eventually seen. I had an internal ultrasound and the sonographer placed the pregnancy at 5 weeks instead of 6 weeks 6 days. It means I must’ve ovulated a lot later than normal and my new due date is February 9th, 2016 instead of January 27th. I got to see the heartbeat flickering on the screen so at least I know for sure there is something cooking in my oven. I am pleased. They told me if I have any more faint bleeding not to worry and I should be fine.

What I can’t understand is why my Clearblue digital test I took told me I was Pregnant + 3 as that told me I was 5 weeks but I wasn’t. I asked the sonographer about that and she said it could just be that my hormone level was so high, that it was as high as someone should be at 5 weeks which is why it said +3 OR she said it could be twins as that is usually a good indication. She also said that she could barely keep my little baby on the screen as it is so early so it is entirely possible she has missed the second one. She says that at my next scan, between 10 and 12 weeks, they would be able to tell me 100% if it is just one or two. Scary!



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