Sunday’s are boring

Saturday I went into town then to my Nan’s as Frankie was dropped there because I was looking after him Saturday and today. We spent most the day at my Nan’s then at dinner time we went to the Harvester with my mom and her boyfriend as it was his birthday on Friday and my mom wanted to treat him. He invited us along. Frank ate SO much the little piggy. He was asleep by 8-8:30 and I went to sleep at midnight. I was shattered but I had had pepsi with my dinner so the caffeine kept me up.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast then we walked to the bus stop so we could go swimming in town. We went swimming and Frank is much more confident with jumping and splashing around. After swimming we went back into town to grab a new bottle. The silly monkey dropped his between the railings of the bridge near my house and it plunged into the water below. No way in hell was I jumping down into the manky water to retrieve his bottle. I would rather just buy a new one. So I did.

We got the bus to my Nan’s as we were having Sunday dinner there. After we ate dinner and I spilled most of my gravy down my WHITE JEANS I walked Frank back home to grab his things for when he was being picked up and I got changed. When we got back we all got in the car and went to visit my Gran at the old folks home. We took her on a walk around the home’s garden and then we settled in the patio area near the pond for tea, and some yum yums. After we visited my Gran we came back to my Nan’s. We had pudding as we didn’t have it straight after dinner earlier and not long after we got back Frankie was picked up. I walked myself home and soon as I got in I put a load of washing on then jumped in the bath.

I am in bed now and I am shattered so I am going to get some sleep as I have work again tomorrow.



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