Week 6

So June has come upon us. I am 6 weeks now. I feel so tired and I reckon if I let myself I would easily have an after-work nap but I purposely keep myself busy so that instead of napping I just get an early night.

Monday I booked to see a film at the cinema. I went and saw Man Up. It is a very funny film and I am glad I watched it. Before the cinema I had a whole hour to eat so I decided to treat myself to a Harvester dinner. It was good having a proper dinner. £11 for a drink, starter and main is a good deal. My grandad picked me up from the cinema at 8:30 and I stopped in at my Nan’s on the way home to have a cuppa tea. My aunt was there with the twins and their big sister. Frank saw me come in the backdoor and ran round the table to come give me a big hug. He is such a softie pants. My aunt has asked if I will babysit him on Saturday and I said yes of course. He is no trouble and I was thinking if it is nice we can go over the field near mine which has a park attached to it. We could go swimming too as we haven’t been in a while. I just need to remember that I shouldn’t really pick him up too much as he is far too heavy for me right now.

IMG_5589I ordered a pregnancy diary/journal planner from Amazon and it came through the mail yesterday. I have had a look through it and written some stuff in. I think it is going to come in very handy as it has sections for each week from week 4 plus and it also has things like “to do list”, “to buy list” as well as a place for questions for your midwife. It has note space for any appointments per week and a section for the birth and then there is a section that includes the baby being born and the first few weeks afterwards. I am so glad I purchased it.

I have updated the sticky post that is labelled as a schedule of events so it reflects what is coming up for the remaining 6 months of this year.

I am really constipated at the moment which is expected as I know it is a very very common symptom however to go from really severe diarrhoea to being bunged up: not good. I need to drink some pure OJ as that helped me the one and only time before that I was constipated. Hopefully it will do the trick this time.



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