Everyone is excited

Well Friday I felt so much better and when I got up at 6am I took the Clearblue test. As you can see it came back 100% positive. Pregnant +3 which means I am 5 weeks pregnant. I already knew that IMG_5543from my LMP (last monthly period). I went off to work and at 12 my Grandad picked me up so I could go home and grab some bits before hopping on the train to my hotel. I got home from work and I fell asleep. The whole “first trimester exhaustion” has kicked in. I never nap. Like ever. I woke up when Mom got home just after 2:30pm. We grabbed a quick bite to eat then she dropped me at the station. I couldn’t get a direct train through to the Airport in Southampton so I got the train to Eastleigh (which is one stop) and then waited for the connecting train. Due to a fire a lot further down the line, the tannoy was going crazy and the platform for my next train kept being changed and when the next train pulled up I assumed it was the one I wanted so I got on. It wasn’t. I ended up at the stop AFTER the one I wanted. My dad had to come pick me up in the end. I told him about the baby on the drive to my hotel. He was surprisingly chilled about it. He said he wanted to be the one to tell my stepmom that she is going to be a grandma. On the eve of her 40th. I got out at my hotel and got into my room. I was so tired but I didn’t have that much time to chill. I sat on the huge comfy bed watching TV until it was time to sort my face out and do my hair. I got a taxi at 7 and as soon as I arrived at the party my stepmom was like “I hear you have some exciting news” then she hugged me and said she was so excited to be a grandma. She then went and told all her friends so I had to quickly do the rounds with my dad’s family so they were in the “know” as I had visions of my stepmom standing up at the microphone to announce it LOL

Saturday I woke up in the hotel at about half 8. I got some clothes on and wandered down for some breakfast. I ate then came back up to my room for a shower before packing my stuff up and walking the short distance round the corner to the train station. I got a train home and my grandad picked me up from the station in Farnborough. When I got to my Nan’s I decided to tell them about the baby. My Nan was surprised but she was alright about it. She told me I have to eat better and save lots of money for when I go on Maternity to tide me over as I only get full pay for the first few months so after that it gets a little tight financially. Next I told my Aunt and then my two uncles. My aunt told my Nan that I will make a brilliant mom. I was quite touched at that. Later my mom, her boyfriend and I went down to Costa for a coffee and I had a gingerbread man. When we were finished Mom dragged me into Mamas & Papas so we could get a rough idea how much a decent pram will be. Her boyfriend grabbed me two catalogues which I had a flip through. Mom looked online at prams and we found quite a few that are exactly what I would go for and they are a fairly decent price. As she pointed out, I need a decent one that will keep the baby warm and comfy as it is due in January so it will be cold when it is born. I will need to keep him/her wrapped up warm for the first few months and given the fact I live in England, the weather is hardly going to warm up much before May/June and by then the baby will be about 4 months old. I can’t believe my suspected due date is my Dad’s birthday.

Sunday mom and I got up at 9 so we could go for breakfast at Poppins in town. It was delicious, most especially because I hadn’t really eaten the rest of the week. After Poppins we went to my Nan’s because we 4 were going to the Old Folks home to visit my Gran who had come back to when she came out of hospital on Friday. I am pleased she is home because she didn’t like it much in the hospital and she wouldn’t eat the food. I think she survived on the bananas we brought her to eat. She was much happier when we saw her and I told her about the baby. The first thing she said was “Are you going to get married?” Such a typical old person’s comment lol speaking of that, I am sure you are wondering what the situation with the father is. Basically this: I told him I was surprisingly pregnant and he said “this isn’t what I need right now” followed by “I think you should’t have it for both of our sakes”. Except if he knew me as well as he should do he would know that firstly, I don’t believe in abortions and certainly not when the excuse for one is the pregnancy is an “inconvenience” and secondly, I was told I would have trouble conceiving without medical intervention so this baby is a miracle to me and could be my only chance at being a mother. So what if it wasn’t supposed to happen. The point is it did happen and I am thrilled at the prospect of having a baby and I do hope that with time he may change his mind but for now he isn’t interested so I am mentally prepared to face this “alone”. Luckily for me I have a fantastic support structure from family and friends so I am not overly concerned about it. I am just enjoying this exciting news as any woman should.

Anyways after we visited my gran we all went back to my grandparents’ house for Sunday roast. I had looked forward to it all weekend and it was nice it just being the 4 of us. I had a chilled evening including a lovely bath. My mom went to work a while ago and I am just curled up in bed looking at some stuff online. It was my Stepmom’s actual birthday yesterday and she was 40. And today my Aunt turned 30. I think she feels old but she does have an 11 year old daughter so unless she wants to pretend she had her at 14 instead of 19, she needs to accept she is 30. Being 30 is not that bad. She has 5 children, a partner who will do anything for her and a loving family. Not all women hit 30 with their lives so figured out. I didn’t expect to but I still have 6 years to get it right lol plus the fact I am having a baby way before 30 is pleasing. I didn’t want to be an “old mama” and I think being 24, turning 25, is an acceptable age. I just need to decide if I want to learn to drive or not. At the moment I am still in two minds. I have time to think, I am only just hitting the 6 week mark this week.



4 thoughts on “Everyone is excited

    • nashkay says:

      This is my first too and probably my last so I’m not the best source for information however I have been there closely for my aunt when she had her 5 children so I may be of service. If you ever have an questions just email me krnash91@gmail.com if I can help I will :) congratulations. How far are you? X


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