Back with a vengeance

Well I seemed to be back to normal Wednesday but by lunch time the diarrhoea had returned with a vengeance. I didn’t want to just go back home because that seemed like defeat so I stayed till the end of the day. After work my Mom said she was going out for dinner so I thought I would join her. Apart from barely eating much, and having to go loo every 20 minutes or so, it was a good time with the girls. When I got back home I got into bed but I was up and down to the loo constantly all night. By the time my alarm went of at 6am I was shattered. All I seemed to have done was run back and forth from my bed to the loo. I was in agony and I felt so sluggish, so wiped out. I phoned in sick and made an emergency doctor’s appoinment. He wasn’t exactly that helpful and he was still quite adament I had a bug. I know my body and it didn’t feel like that. So I decided to take Imodium. By the evening I hadn’t been to the loo for hours and I felt much better. I managed a piece of chicken for dinner and I felt a little less sluggish.

On Monday when I was first unwell my brother’s girlfriend asked me if I was having my period because we have lived together for 18 months so our cycles are synced now. She was having hers and she somehow sensed I wasn’t. I hadn’t really given it a thought that my period was “late” as it sometimes by a few days. She told me to do a test and I actually had a cheap line test that I had bought ages ago that was still in-date. So I took the test and it came back with a faint line. I was surprised. I mean, yes I had been seeing a guy on and off for a few months but I hadn’t actually expected this to happen. I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe the test. Like I said, it was a cheapie and the line was fairly faint. I told my brother’s girlfriend and she advised me to do another on Tuesday, so I did and it was a better one this time. This time the line was A LOT darker. I still wasn’t entirely sure so today I purchased a Clearblue Digital and I intend to test tomorrow or Saturday. Part of me thinks “OMFG I am defintely with child” but another part of me is screaming “shush woman, it’s not true until Clearblue has spoken” lol IF I am pregnant (wow I said it) then I will be due in January and according to my period tracking app, the due date is January 27th – that is my dad’s birthday!
We’ve just had dinner and I am wiped out so I am going to chill out and get an early night so I can get up for work tomorrow. I only have a half day as I booked it off as holiday for my stepmom’s birthday party tomorrow night. If the Clearblue comes back with Pregnant then I intend to tell my Dad when I see him as I would like to do it face-to-face and that may be the only time for a while that we will see each other. I wonder what he’ll say?



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