Food poisoning or sick bug

Well I had a fairly decent weekend with the twins. Sunday was a tad awkward as my uncle was rude, which was completely unnecessary, when he turned up to my Nan’s house for dinner. I was grateful he didn’t stay long. The twins fell asleep on me at 4 whilst watching some TV and then at 6 they were picked up. Frank didn’t seem like he wanted to go home, bless him, but he had to lol

I left my Nan’s for home and had a nice hot shower when I got in and chilled in bed with some TV.

Yesterday I woke up at 6am with excruciating stomachache. I was suddenly overcome with nausea and I had to run to the loo. I was sick. I was very surprised. My first thought was “okay, a bug, just what I wanted on my day off”. I went downstairs for some water and I fed the dog and let her outside whilst down there. I climbed back into bed and the feeling returned only this time from the other end. Diarrhoea. Awesome! For the next 3 hours straight I could barely leave the toilet. Then at about half 9 I got into bed and before I knew it I was asleep. I slept on and off for most the morning and by the late afternoon I hadn’t been sick or anything for hours. I didn’t want to eat even though I was starving so I literally had a nibble on some bread and carried on sipping flat coke (always settles my stomach).

I woke up this morning, having not slept that well and I felt fragile, and a little nauseous when I woke up so I thought I’d give myself a recuperating day so I called in sick at work and I stayed in bed till lunch. Then when I got up I finally ate something. I didn’t overdo it though. I just had a small bite and a cup of tea. The tea was heavenly as I hadn’t had tea at all yesterday.

I don’t know what I had wrong with me. It could’ve been a bug but no one else was affected. It could been food poisoning but I ate at my Nan’s all weekend so it’s unlikely she’s under cook anything and everyone else would’ve been sick too. Whatever it was I am glad it is gone. Back to work tomorrow. I’m glad to get back to routine. I am going to get an early night tonight so I can be fresh as a daisy when I get up tomorrow.



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