“Night night baby”

Well I have the troublesome twosome for the weekend. I originally had a date planned in London but I can’t afford it so I cancelled. Well I said to take a rain check and we’ll figure out another date for it. So they were dropped off quite late because my aunt got stuck in traffic. Frank had crapped through his nappy and his trousers (which were white) so I had to sort that out. It was everywhere! We didn’t have dinner till 8 o clock. They’re usually in bed by 7 so that was a bit crazy. They finally were bathed and in bed asleep by almost 10. When we were laying in bed Fred went “night night Kayleigh, night night baby”. It was so cute and I realised that in 6 short months of nursery they’d learned so much. I went up to bed myself at about midnight.

Today Frank woke me up at 4:45am screaming. It was a “I’m in pain” kind of scream. I wasn’t sure what his problem was but from looking at him he appeared to have bellyache. So I convinced him to have some calpol and then I laid at the end of my bed (no idea why he wouldn’t lay back at the pillow end with Fred) with him, rubbing his back and eventually he nodded off. So did I. Next thing I know Fred is waking up at 7:30. We had breakfast and then I fixed them both with reigns so we could walk as the double stroller is broken and off we set to town. We waited for the bus at the stop but whilst on the bus Frank had a hissy fit because he bumped his head when he wasn’t sitting properly like I told him to and somehow he thought it was my fault it happened. Then we got to town and walked from the bus stop to the leisure centre where the soft play is. Firstly Frank wouldn’t go play because he had a packet of mini cheddars but no food is allowed on the play area so I told him to leave them on the table. He laid on the floor and screamed for 10 minutes. Eventually he stopped and he went in to play with Fred. They played for over 90 minutes and then when I asked them if they’d had enough they both picked their shoes up as if to say “yes, can we go”. So we got set and off we went. We got the bus back and stopped at our nan’s. We had lunch there and they played in the garden then they watched some TV. It became very evident that they were both rather tired because they both separately had little tantrums about all sorts of random things. At 5 we had dinner with our Nan then we went home. I got them bathed at 6:15 and finally into bed. Frank fell asleep after his bottle finished within about 30 minutes or so. Not Fred. He messed about for ages and I told him off. After 30 minutes on and off of Freddie “crying for mommy”, he finally went to asleep. He wasn’t really crying for her, I think he was just mad at me for telling him off because Frankie was already asleep therefore I didn’t want him woken up. That would be like poking a sleeping grizzly bear!! #notevenjokingaboutthat

After he was asleep I had a shower and I am not sat on my couch with my iPad and a well deserved drink as I was parched. Not sure what we have planned tomorrow as my nan has my uncles 5 children for the day so adding them two to the mix would be so hectic but then again it may do them all a world of good. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.



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