Next destination stop

I think I have found where I wish to visit next on my new found interest in travelling. I think the travel bug hit me when I realised how easy and cheap it is to jet off somewhere in Europe and the second my passport came through the mail I felt excited.I am really excited about Italy. I have always wanted to go. I love looking at other countries cultures and seeing their ways of life. For my next trip, still in Europe, I was thinking of Belgium. Particularly the little city of Bruges. I want to stay there and then visit Brussels but it doesn’t seem that easy. Unlike Italy, you can’t seem to fly inter-country and the train routes don’t appear to match up. Perhaps I am better off booking a hotel IN Brussels. I don’t know. I definitely want to visit Belgium regardless.

I also want to just book a random weekend getaway. Doesn’t matter where but will probably be Europe. Anyone have an ideas feel free to comment below…



2 thoughts on “Next destination stop

    • nashkay says:

      Oh okay. Thanks. I had wondered. I looked online and it just seemed so hopeless but if it’s like that then it’s definitely doable. I really want to go to Bruges during the Christmas markets in January but I wanted to visit Brussels too because hello(!) it is Belgium lol. Thanks for the tip – Kayleigh


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