Things happen in threes

Well it appears that losing my expensive pandora bracelet wasn’t the only thing that was due to come to pass. I used some of the goodies we got from the spa and my face went red and came up all bumpy. I’d say I may be allergic. Then yesterday we had finished dinner at my Nan’s house and I was helping my grandad wash up in exchange for a lift to the cinema. The phone rang and my nan answered. It was her sister-in-law who told her that my great-gran had had a fall at her care home and was waiting for an ambulance as they suspect she has broken her hip. This happened at the care home she lives at and obviously a carer found her and called an ambulance. My nan doesn’t drive far from home so she asked my Mom to pick her up and take her up the hospital but she had to wait for the green light from the care home as they said it wasn’t 100% that my gran would be taken to hospital. It all depended on what the paramedics agreed on when they had gotten to her and assessed her. As if they won’t take her in as a precaution because of her age and the fact she fell. What actually happened turned out to be fair more than just a fall. Apparently another resident bumped in to her and she hit her shoulder against a wall and she slid down it (like in a movie). When she got the hospital they did x-ray’s and confirmed that YES she does have a broken hip (more like shattered) but also a broken collarbone. They need to operate but they couldn’t do it last night so they put a nerve blocker for the hip so at least she won’t feel pain and they gave her morphin for the collarbone. My nan said she was asleep when they left.

I phoned up the hospital this morning to ask the nurse how she was today. She said that she was “okay but very tearful” but someone from the family was sat with her whilst she waits for surgery. I suspect she is tearful because in truth she doesn’t fully understand what is going on. I phoned my nan this afternoon and she told me they may not do the surgery today but it does need doing however they are concerned because of her age and the risks etc. I guess we will know more tomorrow. Mom and I aimed to go see her tonight but others are going so we’ll leave it till tomorrow.



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