Me 0-1 clumsiness

Well today is my momma’s birthday. We planned a while ago that we’d go for a spa day today so I booked it all and today we got up, had breakfast then went to the hotel. We checked in at the spa, paid for the treatments and got relaxed in the relaxation room. When we were in the relaxation room before any of our treatments, I was really hot so I undid my gown and just sat in my underwear. Not long after I did that one of the beauty therapists opened the door and showed a couple in so they could look at the room. They’re obviously scouting the hotel out as a wedding venue by the therapist should’ve shouted out “ladies are you decent?” But nope, I’m just laid on the lounger like a fat pig with all my bits hanging out. I mean as if I care that I was seen, I just don’t think they should do that when there are clients like us in their trying to relax.

So at 10:30 I went into a room for an hour long pedicure. It was lush. Even though I personally cannot stand feet I don’t mind someone touching mine and having them washed and moisturised then painted, it was really relaxing. After my treatment ended I went back in the relaxation room. Mom’s second treatment was straight after her first so I just relaxed on a lounger and uploaded some photos we took earlier.

She joined me in the room at 12 and then at 12:30 we both went for a full body massage. It was so nice and relaxing except the part where I had to lay on my front with my arms by my side. I have big boobs so my shoulders weren’t touching the bed as they simply couldn’t and it made them ache a little. At 1:30 we both went back to the relaxation room for some water etc. At 2:30 I had my eyebrows waxed which was only 15 minutes then we headed down to the locker room. I had a quick shower and washed my hair then we left. Mom dropped me at Nan’s then headed home so she could have a shower herself and not long after I got there I noticed my bracelet was missing. My pandora bracelet. The one I’ve only had since Christmas. So I phoned mom up and hoped to god it was in the car. It wasn’t. I phoned the spa and asked if they’d mind checking the area by the spa and where the car was. I checked outside my Nan’s house etc. It wasn’t anywhere. My mom even drove back to the spa and checked herself as well as notified staff to call me if it was handed in. I am doubtful they will. It was only an hour between us leaving and her going back so someone would’ve seen it and handed it in and seeing as no one has then someone has clearly pocketed it when they’ve found it. I am so mad at myself. This is the 5th bracelet I have lost in 5 years.

I think that is a lesson to be learned here motherfuckers: DO NOT BUY KAYLEIGH A BRACELET!

Overall we did have a good day. Mom was pleased and that’s all that matters. She treated herself to a gift bag. You get 2 items and then a third free with 20% the total price. Worked out at £44.50 so we both did it and she gave me £20 for some anti-ageing stuff I got in mine. I am completely broke now though as spas are expensive.

I watched Pitch Perfect 2 yesterday with my brothers girlfriend. She wanted to drag me along when she saw it advertised so I booked it. She’d seen the first one whereas I hadn’t. The sequel was okay but it wasn’t mind blowing. I watched the first one today. Everyone was out as my brother and his girlfriend went to the coast with her parents and my mom was having a birthday meal with her boyfriend. There was me just casually sat on my bed half naked watching a film on my iPad. It wasn’t bad, the movie I mean.

I’ve booked to see Mad Max 2 tomorrow afternoon after I’ve had dinner at my Nan’s. Had a fairly chilled and hassle-free weekend (aside from losing an expensive and still relatively new bracelet) – I will cry about that later I’m sure. I cried when I lost my first pandora bracelet lol

Anyway, that was my day. It was good fun and I’m shattered so I’m off.



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