Blank Space

Well Tuesday I woke up in the wee hours with a raging migraine (I may die but if not kill me now sort of thing) and I just “couldn’t even”. Okay, yes I used that teenage phrase. Oh yes I did. It actually fits my Me all daysentence because I literally COULD NOT EVEN … do anything. I stuffed a lot of meds down my throat and text in sick then went back to sleep. It wasn’t like I slept that great. Until the medication kicked in I was in agony and I couldn’t sleep with that sort of pain. Then when they did kick in I drifted in and out of sleep most the day. I felt a lot better by the evening however having been “in bed” all day, when it came to bedtime I couldn’t sleep so yesterday I went to work after 3 hours of sleep. I was shattered…

The post title does refer to the Taylor Swift song. In some ways I can totally relate because my exes would most certainly say I am insane. I am also hard work apparently. I do have a blank space and I would like to write someone’s name in it, at some point, in the not-so-distant future. I do want a relationship and I really do believe that 2015 could be the year as my working life finally came together this year so it makes sense my love life will too, right?

I got a lift home from work today because it was hammering it down and I didn’t want to get soaking wet. Luckily my grandad said he’d pick me up so I was home at about 5:15. Mom did us dinner and then she went to work.

I was faffing about with my hotel reservations for my holiday in Italy and somehow I managed to cancel and rebook a hotel for Venice but instead of rebooking the original correct hotel, I clicked one that had the same name but was somewhere else in Italy. That was yesterday and today I had to faff about again and rectify. I’m so silly sometimes. Must be the lack of sleep on Tuesday night lol

I am currently in bed and I’m feeling a little tired so I think I’ll get an early night. Mom and I are off to the spa on Saturday and I cannot wait.



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