They took my money

Well on Saturday I didn’t get up that early so I barely had chance to shop. Which normally I wouldn’t cry about because I hate shopping. However this time I simply HAD to go because I have impending birthdays looming that need presents bought for. Including a 21st, a 30th and a 40th as well as my momma’s and my little cousins. So I did some shopping then mom and I watched The Age of Adaline. It was a fabulous film and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

At about 5ish, when the film was done, we went to my Nan’s to pick up the twins who had been dropped there for their dinner. After they ate we took them home. Whilst mom cooked our dinner I gave them a bath and got them ready for bed. We ate. I sat on the sofa because I knew if I sat on the chair they’d squeezed themselves on it with me. Turns out I was right as Fred was sat next to me and Frank managed to squeeze himself between us lol I thought it was out of jealousy, which in part it probably was however a few minutes after sitting there he slowly and surreptitiously stole a piece of garlic bread. He didn’t even do a sneaky glance at me before doing it, he kept his face on the TV the entire time. I nudged mom and she started laughing. After dinner I made them up a strawberry milk and off we went to bed. Frank played up which is unlike him. I think it’s because Fred was there. Eventually they were both asleep so I slipped downstairs to watch some TV. I came up to bed a while later and I finally nodded off.

They woke me up Sunday at 6am and after some TV we went downstairs for breakfast. For the first time ever I made them a bowl each of wheatabix and let them sit at the table eating it with a spoon. I’ve only ever let them eat breakfast like that, by themselves, in the past if it’s been toast or fruit or milk-less cereal. So it was a first for them to be allowed a bowl of cereal but they’re older now. They ate it all and took their bowls into the kitchen.

I got them bathed. I took Frank out and was dressing him when Fred appeared in the doorway soaking wet; no towel, as he’d climbed out himself. I didn’t think anything of it and I quickly threw a towel on him and sat him on the bed. It was only a while later before we left the house that I went to tidy up the water (take the toys out, empty the water) that I realised he escaped the bath for one reason and one reason only. BECAUSE HE HAD POOPED IN THE TUB. In the 2 years or so they’ve stayed here they’ve never ONCE done that. It’s so gross but obviously he had to go so he did. I sorted it out and then went downstairs. We left my house for Nan’s. I only had the single stroller so I asked them who wanted to walk and Frank climbed in the stroller so I let Fred walk then on the home straight behind my Nan’s I let them both out. We had a nice day. Fred fell asleep before dinner though and I didn’t want to wake him so when he did wake up we were having pudding and I thought he’d be mad if I tried to make him eat his dinner whilst Frank was having pudding so we wrapped his dinner up so he could take it home with him.

Mom and I dropped them off then we went home. I was shattered so I jumped straight in bed to watch a movie.

Today I’m back at work. A guy from Bristol has come down to show me more stuff on the system I’m going to be using for my job. He’s given me a list of tasks to go through.

I’m on lunch ATM but it’s almost over. Just watched an episode of criminal minds. I’ve got a banging headache. My right eye is hurting, the brightness of the day is not helping and to top it off I left all my meds at home for once :(

The title of the post refers to one of the hotels in Italy that I booked a reservation for. They’ve tried to take the money even though it clearly states that you “pay when you stay”. I emailed them saying that I’m not happy they’ve done that and had I known they would’ve, I’d have never booked that particular hotel. Luckily it’s only £50 otherwise I’d have gone more mental over it.



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