I want a camera. For my birthday. In August. I decided this when I started looking at flying off to Italy for my birthday in 3 months. I have since reserved rooms in various hotels. One in Verona, Venice, Naples and Rome. All I need is my holiday form back, signed, to confirm I can go then next month I’ll book the flights and trains etc. Trains I could always book online using my iPad at one of the hotels as they all have free wifi. It was something I clicked as “must have” when searching for a room in each city. I know it seems silly but I want to be able to upload each day’s worth of photos otherwise I’ll be spending hours when I’m back home trying to upload it all. Also, if I want to message home etc then I can use the wifi to send facebook or whatsapp messages. I’m bound to feel a little homesick as I’ve never been abroad alone. I’m looking forward to it, providing it does happen!!!

I was late to work yesterday because I woke up with 5 minutes to leaving time to catch the bus. I had to decide what I could do in that time frame and I just about made it by getting dressed (quickly), brushing my teeth and having a wee. I didn’t even let the dog out for a wee or feed her. I made it in time for the bus. Got to town and realised I’d left my hair stuff at home a as well as my purse so I text work acting I was late and then I went back home to pick it all up. I got back to town and as the bus wasn’t coming for 35 minutes I decided to have breakfast so I ran round to McDonald’s. I finally got to work at 9, an hour late. My manager was cool about it though because I had forewarned her and kept her in the loop and that’s all she asks for. I went to the cinema after work to watch Big Game. Samuel L Jackson should’ve been a badass motherfucker but he wasn’t and it was a shame.

I went to the cinema tonight after work. I watched Spooks: The Greater Good. It was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I brought a slushie like usual but I spiked it with cranberry Smirnoff. After the cinema I got the bus to my Nan’s then mom took me for some dinner as I hadn’t eaten yet.

I haven’t been home long and I’m currently laid on my bed deciding whether or not to go to sleep as its 11 and I’m shattered.

Mom and I are off to the cinema tomorrow to watch The Age of Adaline then the twins are being dropped off as my aunt has things she needs to do around the house and asked if I’d have them. I don’t mind I suppose as they’re older so they can do things for themselves. I remember when they were babies and I had to tandem feed. One bottle per hand in each babies mouth. God that seems so long ago yet it was only 2 years. Where has time gone?



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