Ciao amico

I really want to visit Italy as my first stop on travelling. However I don’t just want to fly to a city and stay there. As much as I’d love to do that, I want to make the most of my visit so I’ve looked into European trains and internal flights. I think it’s doable.

I worked it out that I could fly from London Gatwick to Verona early in the morning on August 16th. Have most of a day there and staying one night at a hotel. Then on August 17th I can take a one hour train to Venice and spend the day there, as well as one night before jetting off internally on my birthday (August 18th) to Naples in the evening. Then after spending one (maybe two) nights in Naples I can get another one hour train up to Rome and spend my remaining days there being a tourist before jetting back home from Fiumicino airport to London Gatwick. Just got to work out the money and find hotels then I can book it soon as I can afford to.

I’m excited to think I can start jetting off to Europe for a weekend now that I have my new passport. It’s exciting. I think after Italy it’ll be France, namely Paris as I’ve never been because when I went to France as a child I went to Normandy. Even though I’ve been to Germany twice I do intend to go again. I’d love to visit during the German Christmas markets.

I really want to do a trip to NYC for my 25th birthday. In reality it IS doable. It’s hard to know the finances for it as I can’t look online that far ahead to the dates I want. It won’t let me. Which is fair enough given that I’m trying to look at dates that was 15 months from now. There is so much to see and I’d like to make the most of flying all that way so I think a week has to be the minimum or else you’ll miss stuff.

Just some travelling thoughts I’ve had. Stay tuned for more charming ideas I have ;)



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