Star Wars Day

Today is Star Wars Day as in “May the Force be with you”.
Well May has approached us. Quite quickly I might add. I asked to have one of the twins for the weekend so on Friday after work Frank was dropped off. They seem to have grown a little more each time I see them. Not in huge noticeable ways, just subtle things like a new couple of words that have been learned or a skill they already have seemingly to be “honed”. Such as using a knife and fork better etc. I love it but it scarily reminds me how time goes so quick. I remember when they were born and they were little skinned rabbits with no meat on them whatsover.
So Friday I laid in bed with frankie for a while but he was being silly and not going to sleep even though he was shattered as Friday is a nursery day. So I had a brainwave and decided to Skype myself from my iPad to my iPhone then I could leave him “unattended” in my room whilst I did some stuff downstairs, but could watch and hear him via the video call of Skype. It worked a treat. He was fast sleep within 10 minutes of me leaving the room. I had some food them mom dropped me at the cinema as I already had a movie booked in, my brothers girlfriend kept an ear out for Frank whilst mom dropped me off but once she came back mom took over. Not that I expected him to wake up, and he didn’t. I watched the film Unfriended. The storyline for it was crap but the acting was fine so I can’t fault the actors and actresses. My bro was finished work so we both got a lift home from our grandad at 11.

Saturday Frank woke up at 6:45. We had breakfast and got ready to go cinema. We got the bus to town so I could do some shopping before the cinema. We decided against the stroller today and poor Frank walked EVERYWHERE!!! He did really well but half way through the movie he had a hissy fit over nothing I could figure out. After the movie we popped into my brothers work next door to say Hi then we went on the bus homeward bound. We ended up at our Nana’s house. We had some lunch then we joined them on their weekly visit to see my great-gran at the old folks home. We prepared well by bringing Frankie some crayons and a colouring book. Whilst we were there he found an old typewriter and my nan showed him how it works so he happily sat and  tapped away at the “keys” lol

After we left we went back to Nans and Frank fell asleep in the car. I left him to sleep for 45 minutes then I braved it and woke him up. He was okay and he sat on my lap watching some TV then finally we had dinner. I went up the chippy with my grandad and then we ate when we got back. Frank ate more than I thought he might. We walked home and Frank took himself upstairs so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he went “yeah” so after a quick bath we were in bed. It was gone 8:30pm by now so I’m not surprised he was tired. He didn’t last long, he was out like a light. I laid next to him reading my book which I’ve finished now.

Sunday (yesterday) we didn’t wake up till 8:45am. That’s a personal record for Frank. We had some breakfast then chilled on the sofa with some Curious George before nan picked him up to take him home. He left at 11 and I spent the day relatively bored. I caught up on my TV shows (vampire diaries, Grimm and criminal minds) then I was bored so I painted my nails. I painted my nails god damnit lol then I had some food and got into bed. I had a late-ish night because I was messaging some peeps but it’s a bank holiday today so it didn’t matter that much if I was up late.

Woke up today at 10ish. I had originally planned to go into town and do some shopping but I decided I can do that at the weekend. Instead I got up and walked to my Nans. I had forgotten she’d gone out today. I didn’t stay long. I just charged my phone up and then got the bus to town, grabbed some lunch and then got the bus to the cinema. I am watching Far From The Madding Crowd. I am currently sat in my cinema seat with my slushie and the trailers are rolling which I’ve seen already because I only went to the cinema on Friday. But I suppose I should go.



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