May approaches

Well I saw the Woman in Gold on Monday. It was an interesting film and I am very glad I went to see it. It’s ironic, to me, that I grew up and was educated in the British educational system yet I don’t recall ever learning all that much about Nazi and Jewish history in history class. They seemed to have skimmed over it. The film really opened my eyes because it is based on real people and a real story. I actually googled the painting that was the feature of the entire film and it’s real. It’s in Neue Galerie, New York after being moved from Austria when its rightful owner won her case against the Austrian government for their illegal removal of it from her family home back in Austria during the nazi war. Very interesting film.

So that was Monday. The rest of the week has sailed past which is surprising considering how un-busy I’ve been at work. I’ve been waiting for a lady to start training me on the database for my new scheduling role at work but it’s taken some time to get her to come to the office. She came down today and showed me some stuff then I sat with a spreadsheet and did some bits. The scheduling side isn’t complicated and I quite enjoyed doing that. It’s the rest of stuff that I’m dubious about.

I’ve got a fairly busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow (Friday) I have work then one of the twins is being dropped off. It’ll probably be Frankie. I have booked the cinema so I’ll get him in bed then mom will be at home to listen out for him but he should stay asleep. When I get back I’ll get into bed and mom can finally rest easy lol

On Saturday morning I’ve booked us to go see the Penguins of Madagascar in the morning for the kids AM screenings they do. And dependent on the weather, I may take him swimming. If not, I’ll book the aquarium in London and take him out for the day on Sunday. He’ll love the aquarium. It’s full of lots of fish, sharks and various sea creatures. I’ve never been so it’ll be an experience for me too.

I am currently in bed reading my book called Me & You by Claudia Carroll. I am over half way through and it’s not a bad read.



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