A wedding and a house move

Well Friday didn’t end up being payday. Apparently we officially get paid every 27th of the month. I never noticed I could’ve sworn that payday was always the LAST Friday of the month. So payday is Monday this month. That is fine though as I am not totally boracic but I do seriously need to go shopping. I only have 1 decent pair of denim jeans. The other 2 pairs I have are a pink pair and a pastel green pair. They are fine but they aren’t universal as you can only wear certain colour tops with those colours.

So on Saturday morning Mom and I got up fairly early (8ish) to have our monthly “payday breakfast” where we go to McDonald’s for breakfast and I pay. We met her friend Emily there at 9ish. We had some food, some giggles and they both went up for a second coffee then Mom and I went into town. I picked up a pair of Denim Jeans, a redy-orange top and some underwear (boxers). I had the cinema booked for the new Avengers movie at 12:45 but we left town at 11:55 and I thought if I went at that time, I’d be really early so I went to my Nan’s for 20 minutes. Unfortuntely I ended up being half hour late for the cinema because the bus from town to the cinema was 20 minutes late and then took ages to get to my destination, as if it were on a very slow speed. Officially I only missed 15 minutes of the movie because usually films don’t start at their official start time. They often start about 15-20 minutes after the “start time” due to trailers, adverts and to give people enough time to arrive, get food/drink and get seated. So yeah I awkwardly arrived late and had to step over people to get to my seat but finally I was in. The movie was good and I will catch up with the bits I missed online another time. After the cinema I remembered we were going out that evening so on my way home I grabbed dinner as there wouldn’t be another opportunity.

By quarter to 7 mom and I were dressed and ready to go. I wore my new redy-orange top, with my new denim jeans and my comfy white wedges. I made a point of painting my toe-nails just so I could wear them as they’re open toed wedges. We got to the Wedding Reception at 7:30 but the disco wasn’t set up as the wedding guests were still eating dinner so we just sat around in the bar. At 9 the dancefloor was finally ready so we went in and saw my grandparents. My aunt had left as the kids were at home with her friend and she had a lot of packing to finish before she moves house tomorrow. Speaking of which, I looked after the twins all day today whilst my grandparents helps her move house. I haven’t seen the babies in a fortnight so it was nice to see them.
We left the reception at about half 10. We were giving my grandparents a lift home as they’d gotten a lift to the wedding with my aunt in the morning but obviously she had gone home now so Mom drove them back home.

Today I got up at 8:30 and made my way round my nan’s house. It was far easier to have the twins at nan’s for the day as they have the garden to play in and toys in the house to play with. We had a good day. They were less crazy energetic this time and we ran off some steam by going to the park. Which we actually walked to, the 3 of us, without a stroller or reigns. They simply held my hand (which I held tight) all the way until we reached the park gate then they were off playing. After the park we came back for some lunch. Then we watched a film, played silly games and then had some nibbles. Fred fell off the couch backwards and whacked his head on the coffee table. There was screams for a moment but after a cold and wet flannel to his sore head for a few minutes, plus some serious investigation on said head, he was fine. I told my nan on the phone to let his momma know to keep an eye but he was fine. That’ll teach him for jumping on nana’s couch!!!

Nan and grandad grabbed some food on the way home as it was quite late in the day but the twins had not long had their supper so they just had some chips. When their dad picked them up he gave me a lift home. I had a shower when I got in and now I’m in bed trying to sleep. I thought I’d quickly write this up before I forget.

I’m booked to see Woman in Gold at the cinema tomorrow evening at 8. I can’t wait for Age of Adaline to come out next month. Only a week or so to go :)



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