Like a scene from Carrie!

I re-booked to see Child 44 for Monday. It started at 5:30 and I finish at 5 so I asked Mom if she’d pick me and drop me as the bus wouldn’t get me there on time. She agreed. The traffic wasn’t too mental so we grabbed a quick bite on the way. I took mine into the cinema with me as it fitted in my bag lol
The film wasn’t bad and you can’t beat Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman. Both with their Russian accents. I did enjoy the story even though my memories of learning British history is shaky at best. I vaguely remember stuff about the World Wars, and names of important (not always for good reasons) figures. They mention General Stalin a lot and once or twice Hitler was made reference to. Overall I am glad I watched it.

Again I saw the trailer for the new Avengers movie. It is out in 3 days so I have booked my ticket. The first few times I tried to book all the seats were almost booked up for each performance. Eventually I settled for 12:45 on Saturday. We have a wedding on Saturday. Mom and I are invited to the reception party, my grandparents and Aunt are invited to the actual wedding. The lady getting married is an old family friend of both my Nan and my aunt. My nan knows her parents and my aunt knew her from our dance school. I also knew her from there too. I’m not sure what to wear to the party but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I intend to go shopping before I go to the cinema so I can have a wander around.

On Monday Mr. HP asked if I was free so I said that I would be after the cinema so if he wanted to pick me up then he could, then we could hang. He said he didn’t know where the cinema was so I said that if I wasn’t getting a lift home then it would be gone 8:30 before I got back so he said then it would have be another night. I was right, I didn’t get back home till gone 9. Definitely too late to hang out.

Yesterday I asked him if he was free and he said he was but then later on he turned around and said his lips were swollen because he’s has an allergic reaction to something so he doesn’t fancy coming over looking so hideous. This will sound paranoid but I think he made that up. I think he’s still mad at me for stitching him up last week when we were going to meet. I just didn’t feel like entertaining and I knew I’d be shit company.

Well he can’t hang out now if suddenly decides he wants to because I woke up in a pool of my own blood this morning. As my friend Simon said when I was telling him, “it was like a scene out of Carrie”. It truly was. My periods are always so whacky. They rarely show up on time and often I have to just guess when it may be and prepare for it. Usually I’m carrying around ladies things or wearing them long before it ever shows. Not this time. It showed up in the night and painted the town red hours before I woke up. It would explain why I’ve felt a little drained the last few days. I had thought it was from getting drunk on Friday but now I believe it wasn’t.

Anyway, moving on. Friday is payday. Yippee. Got to love a payday.

Also, I’ve been reading a new book from a series. It was in an email of kindle recommendations that I receive weekly from Amazon. It was 99p and so far I am engrossed. Mostly because I cannot fathom who the murderer is. I thought it was the headmaster but now I’m not so sure. It certainly isn’t the bloke they’ve got in custody as it is far too obvious. It’s called “Raven Black” by Ann Cleeves.

I can’t wait to get home and have a shower. I feel so dirty because of it being that time of the month and I feel like I desperately need a shower even thou I only had one last night.



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