Birthday shenanigans

Well the week was normal at work. No mention of training for my new role yet which is a little alarming but the job is still mine so I guess I’ll be told when they trainer is ready/has time to sort out my training. I have my logins for the system I’ll be using so that is a start…
Wednesday afternoon I finally had an appointment for the hospital clinic. They did a blood test and said to phone up in 7-to-10 days for the results. I’ll probably forget to, I usually do.
Thursday my (formerly) Fave Guy popped in to say Hey. We talked about my new role and he said it was about time I landed something permanent, and was happy for me. I suppose he can pretend to be a friend, sometimes.
Friday wasn’t bad. At least it is casual work-wear day. Mom picked me up at 5 as we were going out for drinks at The Tilly Shilling for 7ish for my brother’s birthday so I needed to get home and sort myself out. Once we were ready we left for the pub. The first hour I only had 1 drink, then I got mom and I some food as we were starving. I hadn’t eaten since lunch time at work which is 12ish usually. After we ate I finally hit a few more drinks. In the end I ended up fairly drunk. I must’ve been because I am not that social. I don’t tend to gravitate towards people, quite the opposite in reality. And yet I was yabbering away to whoever would listen. Alcohol! That is what causes that. I wouldn’t say it makes me go from “shy” to “brave”, like most people, because I am not shy to start with. I just don’t want to go out, get drunk, spend time doing basically nothing with people I don’t exactly call friends. The few people I WOULD like to spend time with don’t want to spend time with me lol and even if they did, my idea of a good night spent isn’t out in a club all night. I actually think I can safely say that I “have no friends”. By most definitions of the word “friend”, no one I converse with comes under that heading. I guess that is just how it is for me. I can’t say it upsets me. I don’t even blink when I book my cinema ticket for just myself. I actually prefer it. It some weird way it makes me feel a little independent. Which is silly because I still have to rely on the buses to get to and from the cinema, but yes, independence is what I feel.

Anyway, I was booked to see “Child 44” yesterday morning (Saturday) at 11:30 but I was way too hungover. I woke up at 8am gasping for water, after consuming a little, I then vomited. Don’t worry I made it to the loo then after a repeat performance a few moments later I got back into bed. I woke up again later in the afternoon and felt fine. I was annoyed with myself for drinking so much because not only did I miss the cinema but I had wasted half a day off. I ended up round my nan’s for the evening then Mom ran me up McDonald’s for dinner.
Today is my brother’s birthday. He is 20 so no longer a teenager. We went out for dinner at the Harvester with my grandparents, and my nan’s mother as they had picked her up from the care home in the morning. She has gotten so much more worse with the dementia. We got the cake to be brought out after our main meal and we all sang happy birthday (which I recorded, for embarrassment reasons, obviously) After we ate dinner my brother’s girlfriend said she wanted to call 111 to get an out-of-hours appointment for some antibiotics as she felt she was getting a chest infection. This is bad for her as usually that turns, very quickly, into pneumonia. The idiots on the end of the 111 phonecall sent her a small truck-type ambulance and lone paramedic. My bro’s girlfriend was embarrassed and really annoyed. Not long after the lone female paramedic showed up, a further 2 male paramedics showed up with a big green ambulance. They were sent away as they were not needed. After being with us for an hour the lady managed to get my bro’s girlfriend an out-of-hours appointment (which is why she had phoned hours ago) for 7:40pm. As it was my brother’s birthday she didn’t want to ruin it for him by dragging him to the hospital so she told him not to come but she didn’t want to go alone so I said I would go. We asked my mom’s friend to give us a lift as neither of us drive. The hospital was empty at that time, on a Sunday, compared to when I went at 3pm in the week. She was seen within’ 15 minutes and then we phoned my grandad up so he could run us to the nearest open pharmacy. According to the reception staff at the hospital the nearest one was in Hook. We put the address in and we arrived at where it said it was but it was a housing estate. We were so confused, and we drove down a few different roads in the same area to no avail. Eventually we saw a lady walking her dogs so we asked and she said to carry on down the main road and it was on the right-hand-side. So we set off and there it was. How did we miss that? I used Apple Maps as I have an iPhone and it directed us completely wrong, that’ll teach me not to use Google lol so she got her antibiotics and I seized the opportunity to grab some more hayfever eye drops then we left for home. We haven’t been in that long and with work tomorrow I am going to sleep soon. Just watching a bit of TV. I have been watching a show called “Forever” which is about a guy who is over 200 years old yet not a vampire. Interesting right? He cannot die, everytime he does, he disappears from the scene of his death (within’ seconds of dying) and appears reborn in water. He remembers each and every death he has suffered and has made it his lifes mission to discover what he is and how to undo whatever happened to him. He doesn’t “want to die”, as he explains to his son (adopted) but he does want to “age then die”. It has been hard for him to watch his loved ones age and die, and he is left alone. It is quite an interesting thing to watch.



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