Back to back

I decided to go see a movie today. I booked it yesterday but after 2 nights sleep that was rubbish, and very short, I regretted my decision. Nonetheless I decided to go. I’d be home by 10ish at the latest and could still grab a fairly early night. So my mom picked me up from work at 5 and we got dinner on our way home. After I ate I got changed and at 6:15 we left so she could drop me off on her way to her friends house. Good job we left so early as there was a lot of traffic due to continuous roadworks on a huge roundabout. I got my ticket and a slushie then settled in for the film.

It finished at 8:45 and as I was walking past the showtime screen I saw that Fast & Furious 7 was starting in 15 minutes so I quickly grabbed a ticket from the machine, had a wee as I was busting for one and then got myself a second slushie. I watched F&F 7 but spent the last hour of the film desperate for a wee. Them slushies go straight through you lol I didn’t get out of the cinema till gone 11pm but luckily my mom had already said she’d pick me up due to the fact I had definitely missed the last bus. My brother was at work but he had just finished so we got a lift home together but he was starving having been at work all day so he got mom to swing past McDonald’s. We didn’t get home till late so today I am suffering with tiredness a lot. I doubt I will watch 2 movies back-to-back again, or at least NOT on a weekday when I have work early.

I have a hospital appointment today at 3pm but I get to leave work early so that is a small consolation for having to have a blood test at the hospital.

We are going out for drinks on Friday for my brother’s birthday this weekend. He doesn’t drink and doesn’t particularly like being around lots of people who are drinking but this wasn’t his idea so I guess he’ll just have to get on with it. I can’t really afford to go out but I will. A tenner should be enough as I don’t want/need or intend to get smashed lol



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