The first day back

Well the twins went home at lunch time on Thurday. We went round Nan’s in the morning and as it was such great weather I gave them a bucket of water and a paintbrush each. I told them to “paint” the garden. So they did. A lot. It was great fun even though they decided to paint me. Brrr was that water a bit cold. After they were picked up I went home to sort out the house a bit. Mom and I washed the mountain of dirty dishes between us, great surprise there that it was us two…

Friday I had a decent lay in then went round nan’s to pick up my shopping that Nan had gotten when she did hers. At 5 Mom and I made our way home and I grabbed a sneaky chinese which I thoroughly enjoyed with a sneaky cider. Mom was working Friday so off she went to work. I have been catching up with my shows, not that there is many in circulation at the moment. I think I watched 1 episode of Criminal Minds and a few episodes of Grimm.

Saturday I woke up late, again. I was thinking of going to the cinema but when I looked at the listings nothing took my fancy. Instead I went to my nan’s and ended up helping her wash and re-paint some garden ornaments that were quite weather-worn. When the pain was dry we then varnished them to protect them from the elements. There were 4 rabbits and a frog. My Grandad was fishing all day and we had been waiting for him to get back before we thought about dinner. He got home finally at about 7ish, which was fairly late by most standards, so my Nan said she didn’t feel like cooking. We ended up going up the chip shop and after we ate I left to go home. It was 8pm when I left but it wasn’t dark just yet. If it is dark my Nan drops me home but as it wasn’t she allowed me to walk. I don’t know why she worries so much because if anyone tried to attack me they’d get more than they bargained for. My mom doesn’t worry as much, she knows I am no wall flower who would just stand and scream. I would fight back tooth and nail. My nan didn’t get that memo lol Ah well, it means I often get a lift home and for a lazy butt like me that is a win! So I got home and I started watching this new show on Netflix which I saw advertised on Twitter. It is called Daredevil. Now it is a Marvel thing but I had never heard of it and had to do research on it. It is about a blind guy, (who was blinded by toxic waste which super enhanced his other senses) who is a Lawyer by day but a masked vigilant by night. For a blind guy he can’t half kick butt. I know the actor playing him isn’t blind in real life as I googled it. But you would never know this because he plays the role really well.

Sunday I got up and had a shower then went round my Nan’s for roast dinner. Then we drove over to my great-grans old folks home so we could take her up the garden centre for a wander. When we turned up my Nan’s brother was visiting so we stayed there for a bit. then when he left we got in the car and had a wander around Redfields Garden Centre. I picked up 2 presents for both my Mom and brother’s girlfriend’s birthday next month. Nothing fancy. just a little something. My mom and I are off for a Spa Day for her birthday so that is her main present. Speaking of, I need to book that soon or else they may not have an spaces for us on the day we want. I need to discuss the treatments with my Mom as I don’t know what she fancies having.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I woke up too late in the morning so by bedtime I wasn’t tired. I got into bed and watched a bit more Daredevil then I decided to watch a film. A friend had directed me to a decent movie site so I sat back and watched the latest Night at the Museum. It was very good.

Today is my first day back today and getting up at 6am, when I was still awake at 3am, was tough but I made it. The day is almost over now, with just 40 minutes to go and I survived so that is good. I have no plans tonight but I have booked to see a film at the cinema tomorrow evening. I am going to watch John Wick. It looks pretty bloody and violent. Just what a girl needs ;)



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