Little Street

Well yesterday mom and I went shopping because I needed new jeans and underwear. I definitely needed new jeans because my old pairs were getting old and raggedy. I literally had to throw an old pair of jeans out yesterday because they had holes in them. So when mom got in from work we went shopping and I managed to find a new pair of jeans as well as 2 new bras, a new top and a pair of flats. My new jeans are a pastel green but they are very nice and the flats are navy blue which match the top I bought which has navy blue stripes on it. I got the twins a pair of shorts each and a little cute top to wear out tomorrow. After shopping we decided to go to nan’s and I text my aunt to make sure she knew where to drop the twins off. They were dropped off and we let them play for a bit then we went home. We sorted them some dinner and I bathed them got them into bed. They took ages to go to sleep which was a nightmare. This was because they had been allowed to sleep for 40 minutes before being dropped off.

Today they woke up at about 7-ish and we had some breakfast, well they did. Mom was picking up breakfast for us adults at 10-ish but I asked her to pick up a hash brown each for the twins. Because I’d asked her that I decided when they’d been bathed that I would leave them in their clean babygrow rather than dress them fully as they’re bound to get messy whilst eating. After we ate I dressed them and we set off for the park. I was wearing my new top, jeans and shoes. They had a good hours run about at the park and when it hit lunchtime we got in the car and headed for nan’s. I took off their T-shirts when they ate their lunch because they’re messy boys. We stayed at nan’s for a while as we were hoping they’d have a good run in the garden after their lunch and we had our Little Street play session booked for 3:30. So at 3ish we left for Little Street. It seemed really overcrowded. There were too many people and the place was so hot it made me feel dizzy. The twins had great fun playing on all the pretend things like the construction site with sit-on diggers and the fire truck you could sit in and pretend to drive. There was a doctors office with a computer and a phone. There was a café with fake food and a microwave and till. Frank quite enjoyed pretending to make me a cup of tea with the plastic kettle and saucers. We stayed just over an hour then we headed back to nan’s for dinner as she’d cooked a roast chicken. The twins were shattered so as soon as we got home and they’d chilled for a bit I got them in the bath and into bed. They didn’t take long to nod off. They were asleep before 7. Soon as it was safe for me to extricate myself from laying between them with them laying on an arm each, I jumped in the shower. Mom went to work and I sat in her room watching TV on my iPad as my bro was downstairs watching football. I’ve literally just come in the bedroom to go sleep. Rather than try to squeeze myself in the bed with them, I’m laid the other end of it with my feet on the outside so Frank doesn’t roll out. Much more space for my top half to spread out without two toddlers squishing me.

I finished my Peachville High book. I love the series and I will purchase the remaining books after I finish the library loan I have to read, Me & You by Claudia Carroll.

Tomorrow is grandad Reg’s funeral then afterwards hopefully the twins will be picked up. We don’t have much planned. Will probably just go to nan’s so they can play in the garden.



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