Easter Monday 2015

Well Frankie and I went swimming on Saturday. I knew the baby pool wasn’t open until after lunch so we had a lazy morning with netflix and playing games. We got sorted and got the bus to town. This time I made sure I had the stroller but when we were in town, I let him out for a run around a few times. We went to the library to send back one of my rentals as well as both of his. He picked up two new ones. One is a book about a farm with the various animals and instruments and vegetables, you find around farms, labelled clearly for parents to help toddlers sound out. Frankie found the “nacknacks” (ducks), and the “woof woof” (dogs) and the “peas” (growing in the field) That one is self explanatory lol

After swimming we wandered around town so I could get some birthday cards then we got the bus home. We chilled out with our new books and then had some dinner. Frank took ages to go to sleep and I wasn’t in the mood to do anything else so I stayed in bed long after he nodded off and just continued reading my Peachville High series. I am loving it, I am on the third one now.

Sunday we were having roast dinner at home as mom was only working till midday and nan was out all day. For the whole morning it was just Frankie and I. By gone 11am we were getting cabin fever so I said let’s grab some shoes and a coat and go out for a walk. Once we were finally ready to go, we left mine and walked over the park. I brought along the Peppa Pig bubbles I had bought in town. Frankie ran around the park chasing them when I blew them for him. He fell over a few times and was caked in mud. By time it hit almost 12:30 I said to Frank it was time to go. He wasn’t happy but he slowly followed me. We stopped at a huge tree and I lifted him up onto the lower branch so he could sit there. I took a photo then he jumped into my arms to get down. He thought that was the funniest thing. We got in and straight away I took his muddy shoes, socks and trousers off. We settled back on the sofa and mom came home just as we relaxed. I gave her as much a hand as I could with sorting the dinner, without Frankie following me and getting in our way lol we did some coloring, Frank and me, before dinner and then we ate. After dinner we decided to pop in and see nan as none of us had really seen her and Frankie kept calling for Grandad. So we got our stuff together and went round. It was great because Frank needed to run off some energy which he did by playing in the garden.

He was picked up at about 5:30 and I nipped home to grab some stuff then his dad dropped me in Farnham to a mates house. A guy I have been talking to for months asked me to come over Friday but I said Sunday instead. I got to his and we watched a film, a comedy (#56). He looks much better in person than his pictures etc. He’s a good kisser and we had a good night. I stayed over as it seemed easier but I got the feeling he had regretted saying that I could. I may have read him wrong but he seemed like he wanted me gone as soon as we’d had our fun. Which isn’t an issue. I have felt like that once or twice before but I’d rather he had said if that was the case because I wouldn’t have stayed, I’d have found a way home.

Anyway, he’s hot and seems like a great guy so even if I don’t see him again, I can look back on our night as a good memory. We woke up at 9ish today. I got picked up at 10 and when I got home I jumped straight in the bath so I could relax and read my book. Mom got home at 12:30 and was going back out within an hour so she rushed about getting showered and changed. I had booked the cinema for myself today for 4:45 so I figured I’d go see my Nan then I’d get the bus to the cinema, leave myself an hour to grab a bite to eat then go see the movie. I got to my nans and she informs me that she’s sick with a bug. Lovely. No surprises where she got it from as my uncles children are all sick and my nan saw them on Saturday. Why he let people visit when he knew the kids were sick is beyond me especially as my grandad is classed as a vulnerable person. He’s a donor kidney recipient and anyone who knows about transplant patients, know they have to take Anti-Rejection tablets which basically means he has no immune system and is susceptible to most things. Yet somehow this time he is not sick, my nan is.

So yeah she’s not well. I popped round the shop to get her some bits then at 3 I got on the bus to the cinema. My bro was on break at 3:30 so we grabbed a sneaky harvester together. Just us two. Then when it hit almost 4:45 he went back into his work and I wandered to the cinema. I decided I wanted a slushie so I got a large blue one. The film I watched was The Duff. It was pretty hilarious and definitely worth buying on DVD when it comes out later this year. Overall, good day and good night.

So I got the bus back from the cinema but in town the buses stop running round my local area after 7 on bank holidays and Sunday’s. So my mom picked me up from the bus station. I am now currently in bed with my iPad on watching Grimm. Will catchup with these few episodes then it’s back to my Peachville High series.

It is my cousins birthday today. She is 11. I bought her The sims 3 and an expansion pack plus a disc full of extra content.

I never did write up a second Fun Fact. My first Fun Fact is in a post titled I was recognised but I never actually continued after that. So I’ve sorted it so that all my fun facts, appearing in posts, will be logged under the Fun Fact category tag so if anyone wanted to see all the Fun Facts they could have a whole list of the posts just by clicking that category heading. Awesome right?



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