Easter Friday 2015 

Well I had very decent lay in today. I woke up about half 10. I had some breakfast and then mom and I went to town so I could do some shopping. After we’d had a wander around the town we made our way to the cinema. We were early so we picked up the tickets then had a hotdog, which comes with a drink. I got a slushie because I haven’t had one of those in a long time. I’d forgotten how great they tasted. We got our seats and watched the movie. Before it started there was a short feature called Frozen Fever which was funny. It had been filmed especially for this movie.

After the cinema we went to nans for a cuppa tea and at 6 Frankie was dropped off. I said I’d have him as he’s no trouble when he’s on his own so we had some dinner and then I bathed him and got him in bed. We watched half an hour of Sofia the First then I switched it off. When he was asleep I crept downstairs. My mom was watching a film but it soon finished so she went up to bed. I took total advantage of the tv being free and I caught up on Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I am literally just on my way up to bed now as the last episode has just finished.

Not sure what we have planned tomorrow. Mom is working till 2:30 so she’s busy in the morning. I may take Frank swimming. We haven’t been in a while. I guess I’ll see how we feel tomorrow.



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