Seventh Son

So I finished work today at 5. Thank god because it was just one of them dragging days. It felt like a Friday but it wasn’t, which was just weird lol thankfully though I am now off for a week. I got a bus to Aldershot so I could go to the cinema as mentioned in my previous post. I got to Aldershot at 5:35 so I had lots of time. I popped into Morrison’s for a drink, as the cinema prices are crazy expensive, and I grabbed some chips as I was starving then I wandered over to the cinema, grabbed my tickets and waited. At 6:30 I went in, sat at my seat and settled in for the next couple of hours.

The film was pretty good. I love magic and dragons and villains/heroes lol I am so glad I have my Cineworld card. Mom and I are off to see Cinderella tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. I’m really loving watching movies atm. I am also reading a lot too. I finished the first Peachville High Demon’s book and I am on to the second now.

Going to get into bed with my book as its late, but I don’t have to be up so early tomorrow so yay for that!



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