April Fools

Pinch, punch, blah-de-blah. The usual sentence lol it’s April? Seriously?

I finished my last book, Love Me or Leave Me by Claudia Carroll, and instead of starting the other book (Me & You) by that author I started an ebook I downloaded on Google books. It’s called Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon. From what I’ve read so far it’s about witches, possibly demons. It’s pretty good. It’s from a series called Peachville High Demons. The first 3 books were free on Google Books so I got them and if the series is good, I’ll find the remaining few and download them too. I’m only about 80 pages in but I’m enjoying it.

I was rereading some recent posts of mine and I came across one where I was talking about a guy I poked. We chatted for a few days and we even said we may meet up then out of nowhere he blocked my number and Facebook. What a nippledick (oh yes, I still LOVE that word). Why bother exchanging numbers if you aren’t interested lol he’d probably lied about being single, that’s most likely what happened, he panicked when he realised his girlfriend might see the messages. Men!

I need to go back to my doctors. I’ve almost finished that damn nasal spray I was prescribed for my ear issues (go figure?) and I also need some more migraine meds. On top of that, I’ve had another flare up of my skin problem and most weirdly, in new places. I have a patch of it on my neck and my legs. Never had them before. Weird!

One more day at work then I am off for over a week. It is Easter this weekend. I remember when I was a child I got so much chocolate and I’d still be finding unopened Easter Egg boxes the following year. I’m not a huge fan of chocolate and as an adult now, I much prefer some money so I can buy something I actually want. 

Mom and I are taking the twins to Little Street next Wednesday afternoon. We booked them a play slot and I think they’ll love it.

I booked to go watch a movie tomorrow after work. It’s called The Seventh Son. And then Friday afternoon mom and I are booked to watch Cinderella then we are going to grab some food. So I’m looking forward to the next week. Need to shift this constant bad head and ear combination I’ve got going on.

It’s late, I need some sleep.



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