Pay Day Friday

I haven’t “checked in” since last weekend. Sunday Mom cooked a roast dinner. It was her first one in ages. She’s usually working on a Sunday or out gallavanting with her boyfriend lol so it was nice to have a nice homemade lunch together.

Monday I was off sick. I had been fighting a banging headache ALL weekend and by Monday morning it was a full blown migraine so I called in sick and stayed in bed trying to shift the pain. Tuesday I felt a bit better so I went to work. It felt like the day dragged on and on because I wasn’t feeling 100% and Wednesday I ended up off again because I just couldn’t shake this “crappy” feeling I had. I felt much better Thursday though and I went back to work. After work Mom picked me up and the 4 of us (mom, bro and his girlfriend) went out for dinner at the Harvester. I ate way too much and couldn’t finish my pudding. That is a cardinal sin in my eyes lol I had a shower when I got home and tucked myself up in bed with more episodes of Once Upon a Time. I have been catching up on season 3 as the entire series, so far, is on Netflix. This is also really great, it being on Netflix, because our TiVo box has Netflix built-in so whenever the TV downstairs is free I can watch it on there as opposed to my little iPad. Which I do love, my iPad I mean, it just makes a nice change watching it on a 42″ TV lol

Today is finally Friday, and most importantly, it is PAYDAY Friday. Although being an adult, a grown up, means my wages don’t last long. I have bills coming out for various things throughout the month but firstly my rent to my momma goes out on the dot first thing. I don’t mind. I prefer it going out then I know what is left. I have to accommodate for travel, any pre-planned events requiring money and birthday’s etc. Speaking of, I need to grab my Nan some flowers for her birthday on Sunday. I think I’ll do that when Frankie and I have been to the cinema on Sunday. It is his first time at movies. We are booked to see Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast. I only paid £2 for the whole booking so if he doesn’t sit still or wants to leave then I won’t feel like it has been a waste of money. I reckon that he will be fine as long as he has a drink and some munchies.

So that is Sunday morning sorted. In the afternoon us 2, and mom, is taking my Nan and Grandad for dinner for my Nan’s birthday. Before all that, Frankie and I are going down on the train tomorrow (Saturday) to visit my Dad, Lotti and the kids. So that will be a fun day. Not sure what they have planned but it’ll be a nice Easter treat for them regardless.

So that is my weekend all set. The clocks go forward this weekend, in the early hours of Sunday. That is not good because we lose an hour lol however next week is a bank holiday on the Friday so we only have a 4 day work week and the following week I am off for thay whole of it as the Monday is a bank holiday anyway so I booked off the following 4 days.

Today is dragging on at work. It is half 10, I have been at work since 7:50am. I am just so not feeling it today. But needs must so back to it.



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