First Off-Site Meeting

On Wednesday I had a meeting at work and it was to discuss a huge project that’s going on, that I will be a huge part of and we agreed to have a meeting at our office in Whiteley, Fareham yesterday (Friday). So my colleague and myself got the train there for 9 and spent the day talking to people about various things. We got the train home at 3ish and I got in at 5.

Yesterday my Fave Guy (formerly FG, now he’s just “a dick”) came round to say Hi and have a catchup. Started telling me about these girls he’s been shagging which annoyed me because I hadn’t known he had been sleeping around. I mean, months back I told him to get out and have some fun but he told me outright it wasn’t really what he wanted so I had assumed from that that he hadn’t. I guess he changed his mind. Seeing as he’s obviously got other options for sex then there’s no need for us to carry on with whatever we had been doing. I’m not even that sure I want to be his friend because he said other stuff yesterday that pissed me off too. So I think I’ll refrain from messaging him and I won’t mention meeting up for “fun” again. Fuck him!

London guy and I had fallen out after he messed things us between us and 9 days ago I told him to fuck off and stop messaging me. I deleted his number and that was it. I didn’t hear from him and I didn’t expect to. Then on Wednesday, exactly a week after we spoke last, he messaged me saying he’d missed talking to me. I doubt that, he just hoped I’d change my mind about staying in contact. I haven’t but I’ll talk to him IF he messages first. He wants to meet up but I told him, if we do that, it’ll be JUST AS FRIENDS so it’s entirely his  choice. I’m sure he’ll turn around at the last minute and say No. Which is cool. I can’t say I care either way. He hurt me. Even if he didn’t mean to, he did so I don’t care what he wants. I’m looking after myself and what’s best for me.

Speaking of “best for me”. I have decided that re-learning to drive would be in my best interests. I am sick of being stuck on a bus journey with the scum of the earth. Today I ended up a seat away from a guy who was very clearly an alcoholic, covered in half bleeding scabs, swigging from a can of beer (pretty sure you cannot drink alcohol in public places around here!) and shouting/slurring down his phone on a call to 999 because (I can only presume) his girlfriend/wife has phoned him up saying she’s taken an overdose. He got irate with the caller as it sounded like they’d said they cannot send an ambulance for a situation that hasn’t been confirmed. I.e. Just because she’s phoned him to say she’s done it, he’s not actually there to confirm it and therefore they cannot afford to waste resources by sending an ambulance out. I think the 999 helpdesk person could tell the guy was off his head too. I felt so uncomfortable sat there next to this “great” specimen of a human being! I couldn’t move thou as the bus was packed. So I decided that I will learn to drive before the end of the year. I hated driving when I started learning almost 7 years ago but I’m nearly 24 so I guess I should just get it over with.

I was on the bus because I had gone to the cinema today. Before I went I stopped at the library in town to drop off my outstanding rentals and I grabbed a new one. Then I got a bus to the cinema. I watched The Divergent Series: Insurgent. It was amazing. There’s lots of other movies I wish to see too so I’m looking forward to getting some good use out of my cineworld card lol

My brother and his girlfriend are away for the night and my mom’s gone out for dinner so I’m just sat in bed watching tv. I just caught up with Fortitude and next I’m going to see what else I’m behind with, after I make a snack.

It’s been 13 years since my uncle Jay died. We miss him everyday. I know my aunt just looks at one of her boys and she sees his grin on their faces. 



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