St. Patrick’s Day

The luck of the Irish. I’m not a lucky person but compared to some I probably do “alright” so I can’t complain.

Yesterday was a very long day at work even though on Sunday I got enough sleep, more than enough. I just felt tired all day and the day seemed to drag. I was thankful when 5 o’clock came. Mom and I were both feeling so “bleh” so we had takeout. I do love a good chinese and it meant I had leftovers for lunch today.

So today, after 9 hours sleep, I took my leftovers to work. I stunk the office out with the curry sauce. Made the whole place smell like curry. Not that anyone complained, they all clearly like the smell lol I finished my latest book yesterday. That’s probably why I went to sleep so early. I was fast asleep by 10:30. I am going to start reading a new book I got from the library. It’s a bit of a chick lit but then so was the last one. I have a fair few reads on my kindle/iPad so once this book has been read and sent back to the library I’ll divulge in some e-reading.

I randomly poked a guy on Facebook this morning after I saw him from a comment he’d left on a friend’s status. He looked hot in his photos and I just thought I’d poke him. I didn’t expect anything from it but about an hour later he sent me an inbox message. I feigned stupidity and said I had meant to “poke the other whatever-his-name-is” and he bought it. Until we swapped numbers at the end of the day – a day we’d spent endlessly chatting on facebook. He asked me outright if I had really poked by accident. So I admitted I hadn’t and that I had just thought he was hot lol so I made a new friend :)

I saw #38 tonight. Just briefly. He commented on my hair. He does that every time we meet up. My hair is just noticeably different simply because we don’t see each other for weeks, often months, so he’s bound to notice.

Anyways when I got in I had a shower and now I’m in bed. I’m too sleepy to read so I’m off to bed. So glad it’s Wednesday tomorrow, that means the weekend is nearer lol



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