Mother’s Day 2015

Well today is Mother’s Day. Mom was working today so Frankie and I were having dinner at our nana’s house. We got up at 7 and had some breakfast. We watched some Curious George (as always lol) and then I gave Frank a bath and got him dressed. Once I was sorted we grabbed our stuff and took a walk to our Nan’s. It was raining a bit but we had coats with hoods so we were fine. She doesn’t live far either so that’s good. My aunt was coming for dinner too, as my nan (obviously) is her mom and she wanted to give her the card and present she had gotten for her. When she turned up Fred came straight over and sat on my lap and once Frank had said Hi to his mom he came back over and sat with us. My seat was too full with the three of us lol we had dinner and then pudding. Nan had cooked a ginger sponge cake and it was very moist. Sometimes ginger cake can go really hard but hers didn’t :)

At 4ish my aunt grabbed all the kids and left for home. My grandparents were going to drop my nan home. They’d picked her up from the residential home she now lives in. They’d been umm-ing and ar-ing because she’s only lived there 2 months and they worry she’s not fully settled yet but they agreed that it was a special occasion because it’s Mother’s Day. She was fine and it was nice for her to spend the day with us grandchildren. Especially the twins lol they kept her entertained all afternoon. So they left to take her home and they dropped me back on the way because it was raining really badly.

When I got in I had a shower and chilled out a bit. Mom came home and we were both starving now as it was about 6ish so we decided to go get something to eat. We’ve just got back now so I think I’m going to finish my book and then go to bed. I am back at work tomorrow.



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