Library lovers

Well yesterday was Friday 13th and it went a heck of a lot better than the last. No nosebleed, no putting things in the wrong place, nothing. It was great. The day at work seemed to sail by and before I knew it was 5pm.

My aunt had text asking if I’d have Frankie pants for the weekend. I said yes and she said she’d drop him off about 6:30. My nan had gotten me a few bits from the store when she went so I asked my grandad to pick me up from work and bring the bits with him so I didn’t have to collect them (or more likely forget about them till Monday and it’s too late to go get them before work). So he did and I was home not too long after 5. Mom and I had dinner but Frankie turned up just as we started eating so we inevitably ended up sharing it lol

I sorted him out afterwards and he had a bath. He took ages to settle in bed for sleep. I think he was just overexcited because he was having a sleepover here. I hadn’t seen him or Fred for a fortnight. He eventually nodded off towards 9:30. I didn’t stay up much longer. I started dozing about half 10 and by half 11 I had switched my phone off.

Today he woke me up at about 6:30, maybe earlier. We stayed in bed for a bit watching Rugrats then we got some breakfast. After some more tv I bathed and dressed him so we could go to town. I needed to sort out a passport photo for my renewal and the book, Frankie got from the library a month ago, was overdue. I let him carry the book into the library and hand it to the lady. We picked out 2 new books and he gave them to the lady to scan on the way out. He’s really rather useful when he wants to be. He loves the library. I reckon he could be a future bookworm. I hope so. Reading is such a gift. 

So we got the bus to town. I had hoped to take him in the stroller but it was in mom’s car and she was at work. So we walked to the stops. Frankie did really well. He walked a lot today. He walked to the library, then to the Rec centre and then around some shops in town before getting back on the bus and walking from the shop to nana’s house. We stayed at nana’s for a while and we had lunch. My mom picked us up and at 3ish i persuaded Frankie to have a nap. He was tired from being up so early and we’d planned to go for dinner at half 5 so it worked out good if he got a half hours kip. He ended up with an hour.

We got sorted after 5 and went to dinner. We got seated by 6 and we had a nice time just the three of us. For the most part Frank was well behaved. He did some coloring whilst waiting for his dinner and he had some sweetcorn and cucumber from the salad bar in the meantime. He ate A LOT tonight. He had his bowlful of salad bar stuff, his dinner then an extra bowl of peas and most of his fruit cup dessert. I had a starter, some salad bar, my main and a pudding. I was feeling full when we left. We got home at 8ish and I wanted to give him time to let his dinner go down so I put Curious George on Netflix and Frankie half laid with me on the sofa watching it for almost an hour. I gave him a quick bath then we got a chocolate milk and came to bed. He drank his milk and was fast asleep. He’s flat out now and tbh I’m thinking of joining him soon as its half past 10 and I’m shattered. Busy day, lots done and lots of walking.

We are having Sunday roast dinner at my nans tomorrow. She’s picking up her mother from her care home, as its Mother’s Day, and cooking for her so we asked if we could have dinner. It’ll be nice for my great-gran to see Frankie. She loves the kids, even with the dementia, she finds them entertaining as heck. I gave my mom her presents tonight as she’s working tomorrow. I let Frank give her the balloon (on a stick) as he loves them.

I’m currently laid in bed, next to Frankie, think I’ll post this then flick through facebook then go to sleep. I’m shattered.



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