Mr. No-Name

Well my Fave Guy said he would pop round yesterday as it has been 2 months since we hung out last but as he is so unreliable when it comes to meeting up I decided to “double-book” myself. I invited #53 round. I don’t know what to call him, hence the title of the post. I know his name, obviously, but I don’t name my friends or whatever. We don’t have a significant thing we share or a place we met etc. He is hot so maybe I can refer to him as Mr Hottie Pants (or Mr. HP for short). Anyway, I invited him over and he said he had to leave by 9ish so he came over. We hung out for a bit and he left at 9, as he said. Just before he left I got a WhatsApp from Fave Guy saying he couldn’t make but would definitely come tomorrow (as in today). Yeah yeah LOL

He didn’t come over, by the way. He messaged saying he got caught up covering someone’s callouts at work but we would 100% meet on Saturday. I am sensing a theme here haha I love him (as he is a great guy and we get on great as friends) but jeez is he hard to pin down to catch up. It is Friday tomorow. Another Friday 13th and also it is Red Nose Day. I am skint so all I am throwing in the collection jar is whatever change I got in my purse, which isn’t much lol

I can’t wait for next month. It is Easter the first weekend of April so that means 2 weeks of 4 working days haha but the second week I booked off as holiday so I am off from the Thursday before Easter (April 2nd) through the entire weekend, following week and then the weekend after that. I am going to book myself in the spa for a massage and facial. I also want a pedicure because they massage your feet and the girls at the spa are the only people I will let touch my feet lol Can’t wait.



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