I finally saw Kingsman: The Secret Service. It did not disappoint, at all. I have a saver ticket for the cinema that can only be used on Tuesday’s as its called Super Saver Tuesday lol so I decided I’d pop and see Kingsman while it’s still being shown. I loved it. The young lad in it has got something going on haha he’s not like drop dead gorgeous like a pretty boy but he’s pretty nice and there’s just something about him. I googled him afterwards and the funny thing is he’s not even English. He’s Welsh. He hid that well. Very well lol

I woke up to a facebook message from my ex. I mean talk about weird and coincidental. Weirder yet he messaged me then he must’ve blocked me because I cannot reply back. I would’ve replied with “what’s the matter, are you drunk and feeling sentimental on the anniversary of our breakup, or is it just a coincident you’re messaging me today?” So if he reads this by some random chance then he knows where I am. Why message then block me lol

Update: he’s apparently unblocked me tonight. So I replied with exactly what I wrote.

Anyways, I went cinema at 8:45. I couldn’t make the 5:30 showing because I don’t finish work till 5 and it would’ve been too much hassle trying to make 5:30. So I went home and had a shower. I wasn’t hungry so I chilled for a bit then I went cinema. It’s almost 1am. I got home at about half 11ish. I’m shattered now so I’m off to sleep.



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