50 Shades of Sarcasm

Well I finally saw the 50 Shades movie tonight. Mom and I decided to go watch it so I booked our tickets and we went. It wasn’t bad, I suppose. It was pretty much a normal film except every now and then they showed Dakota’s naked body writhing around in “pleasure”. There was a lot of shots of Jamie’s butt and naked torso but it was primarily Dakota naked from head-to-toe. Don’t panic, you couldn’t see her actual privates. They played the camera shots well. Overall it was okay. I found it amusing. There seemed to be humour, and underlying sarcasm that probably wasn’t intentional but I found it, and I liked it. I had wanted to watch Kingsman: Secret Service but mom has seen it so we settled for 50 Shades. I might go watch Kingsman in the week after work one day. The bus from work goes towards the cinema so I could easily just book my ticket and go. There’s lots of films coming out this month, some we saw the trailer for tonight, so I’m hoping to go see them. One is a film that is the second in a trilogy. I saw the first, “Divergent” which was great and the second, “Insurgent” looks pretty good too.

I have been watching back-to-back Scandal episodes. I am now almost on the season 3 finale and it looks explosive. I can’t wait for all my other shows to come back from their mid-season breaks. I miss Vampire Diaries!!!

I’m off to watch more Scandal and tomorrow I’ll start season 4. I can’t wait.



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