Post sick bug

Well I went to work today. I got up at 6:15am as usual. I was still having to rush to the loo but I figured it would calm down once I ate something. It didn’t. My manager told me to go home at half 9. I had only been in work 90 minutes. To be honest I was secretly glad that she had suggested it. I couldn’t have spent all day worrying I may have an “accident” but I didn’t want to be the one who suggested going home. I left work at half 9 and was home by half 10ish. I got in the bath. I felt like I needed a good hot relaxing bath. It did feel good and I felt nice and clean when I got out. I also felt fresh. I spent most the day watching Scandal episodes back-to-back. Season 3 is intense.

I finally picked up a book. You know it’s only the 3rd month of the year or whatever. I feel so bad. I read one book over Christmas and finished it in January but since then I haven’t picked anything up. My book challenge for 2015 is set to 25 books and I’ve only read 1 so far and we are in the third month of the year. That is bad, very bad and I hate that I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to sit and read. My mind gets like that when I am stressed or severely preoccupied. I can safely say that I’ve been both lately. Well not anymore. I read 44 pages so that’s a start.

I’m off to sleep soon because I have work tomorrow.



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