Sick bug

Well a sick bug hit me. No idea where it came from. I went out for dinner on Monday with my mom and her boyfriend. We went to a chinese “cook-to-order” buffet. I love the place and I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner but I had felt a little off all evening. We’d only been home an hour when I had to do a mad dash to the loo and that’s when it started. First one end then the other. Isn’t it weird how you can totally block out your memories of what it feels like to vomit but as soon as you start it all comes flooding back. I hate it. I hadn’t long eaten so I felt like I was choking. I didn’t get into bed to sleep till the early hours, maybe 4-4:30am. My mom popped her head around at 6ish (when I usually get up for work) and I told her I was calling in sick because I had a bug. She left me to go back to sleep, which I did, after I text my manager.

I managed to sleep on and off till well after lunch. When I woke up I felt drained and was nursing a caffeine withdrawal headache. I settled for flat coke and some bread. The bread helped my stomach quench the hunger and the fizz-less drink calmed the gurgling down. I still had to rush to the loo for fear of an accident as my guts weren’t back to normal yet but I felt “better” towards the evening so I have decided to go into work tomorrow. If I don’t feel 100% I can always come home. My manager is very understanding :)

I’ve been watching scandal a lot. I’m almost at season 3 now. I love it. There’s so many secrets that have been revealed. Some I saw coming but a few that shocked me lol

I’m off to bed because my stomach was hurting (kind of still is) and I’m finally comfortable enough to sleep right now.



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