Week 10

Well I had the twins over the weekend. They were dropped off Saturday at 1ish. I didn’t get up at 8:30 like I had wanted to. Instead I didn’t get my butt up till after midday, oops. It meant I didn’t have time to get my haircut and Mom wasn’t feeling great so she didn’t really want to watch the twins whilst I went to town and did it. As she wasn’t “well” I took the twins into town because I had to get some birthday cards and a Mother’s Day card etc. We had some early dinner which proved to be such hard work. The twins were tired as this was at about 3ish and they both kept playing up at the restaurant table. I was shattered when we got back. I let them play and watch tv for a while before giving them some fruit before bath and finally bed. Frank went straight to sleep, like always, and Fred played up for 30 minutes. Once they were asleep I went downstairs and watched some TV whilst waiting for some washing to finish. I came up to bed at 11ish but I continued watching TV on my iPad. I have got into this really good series called Scandal. It has murder and conspiracies so it is very interesting. I am on season 2 now. I was up till 2:30am then at 3 Frank woke up crying. Once he settled I nodded off but at 5:15 he woke back up, this time for whole day.

Sunday was a very long day. It was mostly fun though. The weather wasn’t bad so once they were fed, bathed and clothed we walked round Nan’s so she could watch them whilst I had my haircut. Finally had my haircut lol it looks pretty good because I dyed it Friday. We had dinner with Nan then she went off to her dancing lesson (don’t ask lol) and we stayed with Grandad. I got some pretty great photos of me and the twins using my tripod, iPhone holder attachment and bluetooth clicker so it’s proved itself very useful.

The title of this post refers to my #FMSPhoto-a-day challenge. The poster has switched from a monthly challenge list to weekly. It’s far easier. I can drop a week if I’m not feeling inspired and pick it up again the following Monday. We are 10 weeks into the year and so far I’ve completed 9 weekly challenges.

I’m on lunch but it’s finished now so I have to go. Don’t have much planned this week. Need to post my cousins birthday card and present. She is 2 on Saturday.



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