Must be psychic

Well I got stood up. Well stitched up actually. London guy turned around this afternoon, after I messaged HIM first, saying he couldn’t make tonight because someone in his family has been taken seriously ill. That’s a fair enough reason. However this happened on Wednesday. The same Wednesday he was rude to me and basically told me to F off. Now of course this explains his behaviour. However it doesn’t excuse it and it certainly doesn’t change anything because for 2 days I haven’t had this knowledge so I’ve spent 2 days angry at him. I cannot change that fact or get back 2 days worth of anger. Then he proceeded to add salt to the wounds by saying he doesn’t think he wants a relationship. He just wants fun. Great so I’m expected to go all that way for “fun”. I can get that a lot closer to home. Don’t get me wrong I liked him. He’s a good guy, mostly, but if that’s all he can offer me then I can’t be bothered to make the effort. So we are just friends now. Whatever the heck that means? How can we be friends when we aren’t likely to meet up and hang like friends do so it seems totally pointless to me but hey ho! That’s what he wants so I’ll keep in contact with him.

I worked a half day today. I went food shopping and I was going to get my haircut but I decided to go up the old peoples place to visit my great-gran with my grandparents. I’ll have my haircut tomorrow before I babysit. It needs cutting. I dyed it today and hopefully they’ll wash it again for me at the salon. The water will run red for a few washes lol

So after we went to visit my old dear I got dropped home, with all my shopping and I put it all away so I could get on with dying my hair. I put the dye on and watched the rest of the episode of Unforgettable I’d started watching before work this morning. Then when it was finished I washed it off and gave it a bit of a dry. Mom got ready and went to work so I ended up in the house by myself for a few hours. I decided to take advantage of this. I invited a guy round, we’ve spoken lots in the last year but never got around to meeting but finally we did tonight (#54). He’s just the same as his pics and we had some fun. After he left I let a guy round who winds me up something chronic. I don’t know why I even speak to him. So he came round. He didn’t stay long. (#55)

After he left I carried on watching catchup tv then I had some food and came up to bed. I’ve got a banging headache. I don’t think I’ve had enough fluids today. Anyways I’ve been up since 6am so I’m off to bed. Also I need to be up at 8:30 so I can do what I need to before I go to town for my haircut :)



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