Selfie Stick

Well as the title suggests; I have a SELFIE STICK!!! I got it from groupon because I got an emailing saying I could get a Selfie Stick for £10 when usually they’re about £25+. It’s pretty cool but I reckon give it a week or two and the novelty will wear off. It’s so funny though. What will they think of next?Tomorrow night I am meant to be going to London to meet London Guy and we were staying in a pretty nice hotel together but I’m not sure it’s happening now. Yesterday I messaged him (just a hello) in the early evening and he read it but didn’t reply. I figured he was busy so I left it. Later on I sent him an actual message that required a reply. I asked him if we planned to spend Saturday together or not. He got back to me saying he can’t, he has to be back by 2. That’s fine. I have provisional plans Saturday that was why I asked. He was really off with me and he admitted he was in a mood and not in the mood to chat. That’s fine too, I’m glad he told me. I said I’d leave him be but I quickly asked him if we was definitely still on for Friday and he got so shitty and said “if you want to call it off just say so, I dunno why you keep asking”. So I replied “wow. Ok”. That’s the last time we spoke. I haven’t heard from him all day. Now I know you’re thinking that I could message him. True. But given how he was yesterday I figured it was best to leave him to message me. Which I thought he’d do once he’s feeling more talkative and less grumpy. Apparently not. Which is why I’m so glad i cancelled the hotel reservation before midnight yesterday. Cancellation was free until midnight. After that you get charged the full rate even if you cancel. If I don’t hear from him tomorrow I’m going to assume we AREN’T meeting and that’ll be that.

It is Friday tomorrow. And I have a half day. I asked my manager just casually if she minded if I took a last minute half day. She said it’s fine. So I’m finishing at 12 and as it’s payday I’m going to get my haircut and do some much needed shopping. I hate shopping but there’s stuff I’ve needed for ages lol so that’s my day sorted. Up at 6, working 8 till 12 then shopping then haircut. Just the evening that is undecided at the moment. We shall see…



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