Nippledick: my new favourite word. I saw it on a facebook page I follow. It’s called Single Dad Laughing and he’s pretty funny. He has made an app too which I found hilarious as it has thousands of funny “e-cards” and memes on it.

Had a conversation with London guy last night. Something he said made me realise we aren’t going to be anything more than fun so to make sure I don’t get hurt, I told him that is all we are now. No romantic crap, no “making love” – his words, not mine. We will meet, spend the night together and have fun but that’s it. He’s a nice guy, mostly, and we have fun but we aren’t meant to be. And that’s okay. It is a shame but it’s okay.

I’ve had stomachache on and off for a few months. I had thought it was stress related because it first started in my old job. But it’s since been an issue and I’m not particularly stressed. I feel constipated. I think. I’ve only been bunged up twice in my life and I can’t really remember what it feels like. I’ve never really had issues going to the toilet so this is new for me. I hate it. I need some orange juice ASAP!

We saw the season 2 finale of Broadchurch tonight. Apparently there is going to be a third season. I think that is a big mistake. 2 seasons was a risky move but they just about pulled it off. I’ve been catching up with Unforgettable on my iPad. I’d forgotten (oh the irony) how much I loved the show. It’s a new series so I’m happy about that.

Payday Friday soon. I can’t wait. I hate owing money. I need to pay my Nan back and sort out some bits online etc. Working tomorrow so I’m up at 6 am again. I’m getting use to it now as long as no one approaches me before I’ve had some breakfast. But that’s no different than those who aren’t approachable until they’ve had their morning coffee lol



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