Earache, again

Well the week ended. Finally. Friday seemed to drag on so slowly. A friend from last week was going to come hang with movies and alcohol but he cancelled. Surprise surprise. I should become a psychic. I always know when someone is going to cancel on me lol it’s a feeling I get. Oh well, I’m use to spending my weekends by myself. Well, as by myself as I can be, whilst living in a house with 3 others lol

So that’s my weekend. I had no real plans. My nan grabbed me some stuff for work whilst she was shopping yesterday and she also picked up my nasal spray from the pharmacy. I picked up the bits from my Nan’s yesterday whilst she was out. I tried out the spray and I’ve been using it since yesterday and my left ear has been in agony. It’s the same ear that’s lost some hearing. Everything sounds like it’s been turned down and distorted. Yet when I saw the doctor on Thursday he said my ears look fine and hearing loss is not a huge deal apparently. And yet all I’ve done the last couple of weeks is shout because I can’t tell if I am or not. I guess I’ll just keep using the spray but if the pain stays for longer than a few days then I’m phoning the doctors back up. I’ve been having problems for over 6 months officially and unofficially; much longer.

I went to a baby shower today. A friend of the family. She’s having a little boy. My nan did us up a gift bag each when she went shopping. It was basically a Winnie the Pooh gift bag filled with a pack of nappies, some lotion, some bibs, pack of nappy sacks, a little outfit and a bag of cotton wool balls. I’ve only been to 2 baby showers in my life. Which is weird considering I’ve known a lot of family members and friends who have had children but none of them did the whole “baby shower” thing. The few that did had them organised by their friends so a lot of people, who should’ve been invited, weren’t invited. Including myself lol

I was thinking yesterday that I’ve attended a lot of people’s children’s birthday parties and christening’s. Bought them things for Christmas. I’ve been to people’s weddings and bought them gifts. Any engagement parties, also with gifts. What have I had? My own birthdays. Which don’t count because we all have birthdays. No one has yet celebrated anything for me. I don’t have children and I’m not married so I’ve never had anything bought to celebrate me. I suppose there’s always time, time to get engaged, get married and have children. It just seems to far off and I’m paying for things for everyone else’s events in the here and now lol

I’m meeting London Guy on Friday. We are meeting at Waterloo after work and then we are staying in a hotel on the river just down the road from the station. It’s a 4* hotel with wifi etc and it only cost £109. Not bad for being in central London and a 4*. I hope he doesn’t cancel on me. I really want to see him because I really do like him. I just hope he feels the same but I have a feeling that he doesn’t. I don’t think meeting up, finally, will make a difference to our situation. From something he said earlier makes me think he has no intentions of making us anything official. Which is a shame because I had thought the whole point in us meeting was to discuss what we both wanted. The question is: do we want the same thing? I don’t think so…

Anyways, I am to work tomorrow. Up at 6am. This is going to be a challenge because I’ve slept in late all weekend so now it’s 11:40 and I’m not exactly tired. If I don’t go sleep soon though I’ll be shattered tomorrow. My ear is hurting so that’s not helping :(



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