Friday the Thirteenth

Well today didn’t start off that great. I put the butter in the pantry and the marmite in the fridge. Then on my way to work I had a nosebleed. Clearly my “lucky penny” pandora charm isn’t feeling very lucky today lol

It is casual Friday’s at work and I was actually in on that fact this week lol last week I didn’t know so I’d turned up to work in my usual attire. What a loser! But not this week :)

That date I talked about the other day: not sure it’s on. I hadn’t heard from the guy for 2 days. Then he suddenly popped back up on whatsapp saying he was sorry he just hadn’t checked his messages. Which is fair enough. But I’m still dubious about whether we will actually go out tomorrow. I have a feeling he’ll stand me up. Apparently that means I’m a pessimist or I’m not trusting. It’s not that at all. I am just very intuitive and I get the feeling he’s not that interested. I don’t know why he’s even talking to me IF he isn’t interested. It’s not like anyone is forcing him to and it’s also not as if he’s getting any dirty photos or chats from me so logically he SHOULD be in to me but I just don’t think he is. I hate guys like that. Time wasters!
I guess I’ll found out tomorrow if he’s going to turn up.
If he doesn’t that’s fine. I can write him off as yet another douche lol there’s a lot of them in the world.

I’m so glad it’s Friday and work is done. I can enjoy a lovely lay in tomorrow before tidying my room up then having a nice hot shower before my “possible date” lol

Still no period. Which is fine but annoying. Wish it would show up and start then it can hurry up and finish lol impatient much? I’m so grouchy atm too.

I’m off to sleep soon. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve lol



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