Two in two days

Well I’m in my second week of work. I’m still a bit tired although that’s primarily to do with the fact that at night I can’t seem to go asleep before midnight. Which is crazy because at that point I’ve been up 18 hours. Tonight I’m fairly wide awake 11pm. Last night I was actually yawning my head off at 11 because I’d met an old friend (#38) for a late night catchup. Must’ve tired myself out.

Met a friend tonight too. First time we’ve actually met face to face. We’ve been in contact for almost a year but we just never got around to meeting. But tonight we did. He looks just the same as his pictures and he’s quite funny so that was great. Got a nice new hang-out buddy :) (#53)

So that’s two friends in two days. I’m being so sociable haha I also have a “date” on Saturday. Yes I know that is Valentine’s Day. I didn’t plan it that way. A guy asked me if I wanted to go for dinner and I said sure when? And he said Saturday. I reminded him what day it is, assuming he’d say a different day but he said it was fine if I was fine with it but we’d have to book. So if all goes to plan then I am actually going out with a handsome fella on Valentine’s Day. Even if we don’t spark at least I’ll have made a new friend. He said that same. It’ll still be a fun night because he reckons we’ll probably get on just fine anyway. So that’s that.
This is my third Valentine’s Day as a single lady. I don’t mind. V day is just a commercialised con and a huge reminder to those single people that they aren’t loved. I don’t feel that way. My mom loves me lol that’s enough, for now.

50 shades is out in two days. Friday the 13th … I don’t think I’ll watch it till next week. I will have to avoid facebook until I do because you can guarantee everyone else will be posting about it after they’ve seen it lol

AF is due. Hard to track when exactly because it’s so sporadic. Either it’s late now, by a few days (which is normal) or it is still in the time frame to be considered on-time WHEN it does show. God I hate being a female for that reason. Bleeding out my vagina. Why?! Just to irritate the shit out of me for 5-7 days. It’s such an inconvenience and makes me feel totally gross, yucky etc. I swear I shower far more in them 5 days than I do all year haha that’s a joke btw. I’ve very clean. I love getting in the bath, usually with a good book.

I am off. I’m actually sleepy now. Yay it’s almost TGIF. I won’t be left out on causal Friday this week. I shall have my jeans on :)



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