Work tomorrow

So it’s Sunday. The weekends seem to go so quickly sometimes. We were busy though so that may be a contributing factor. We did go to town for the jungle gym. We walked to the bus stop near my house and from the stop in town to the Leisure centre. After the jungle gym we walked past the library to return the 2 Thomas books Frank checked out a month ago. We picked a book which was a story about a monster who wants a bedtime kiss. He loves the library because there is a wooden “child-sized” train you can sit on which has “carriages” filled with books behind it lol
We walked to the bus stop whilst sharing a cone of chips. Frankie’s first time eating off a wooden fork, I think. He did well. We saw ducks on our way home. Frank calls them “quack quacks” lol We chilled out at home. Mom cooked us some dinner and I sorted out Frankie some sweetcorn to go with his. He loves them. He calls them “peas” though lol after dinner he had a quick bath then it was bottle and sleep. We was in bed snuggled up with Curious George: the movie and within about 15 minutes he was fast sleep. I turned it off, watched a bit of Constantine and also an episode of Vampire diaries (new season 6 episodes) then I went to sleep at about 11ish.

I woke up at 6 with a raging migraine. It was making me feel nauseous so I grabbed my migraine tablets and downed a few with my juice bottle then went back to sleep. I felt alright when Frankie woke me up about an hour or so later. We spent the day at home. Mom cooked a lovely roast dinner and Frankie ate quite a lot. Especially his peas and sweetcorn. We took a wander around nans in the afternoon. Frankie had been asking for grandad all weekend so he was happy when he saw him. We had a cuppa then mom left. I stayed and waited for his mom to pick him up. We had supper as she said she wouldn’t be over till 6. He had toast with cheese on top made into a sandwich (but not an actual grilled cheese sandwich if you get what I mean) but he ate both the toast and cheese separately haha he also had some tomato. Good boy.

His mom picked him up at 6ish and my grandad dropped me home shortly after. I got in and had a bath then into bed to watch more Constantine. I’ve had enough now I’m finally tired so I’m off to bed so I can start my second week at work.



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