I survived

So I survived my first week at my new job. It snowing didn’t help me with my travelling and being so wide awake gone midnight almost every night wasn’t great when my alarm is set for 6am lol
Tuesday I was late to work. I had to walk for half hour in the snow. It snowed overnight and the bus was late. Luckily my manager was cool about it

Wednesday and Thursday I got in fine. Snow didn’t stay long so the buses were back to normal.

Finally I finished my first week at work. No one told me it is casual Fridays so I felt like a loser in my usual business attire lol I well, I know for next week now :)

Got Frankie this weekend. Just Frank. He was dropped off at 6:30ish. He’d had dinner so I just bathed him then had my dinner then we came up to bed. He was naughty though and took ages to go to sleep. I’m hoping to take him to the jungle gym tomorrow. That’ll wear him out especially if we don’t take the stroller and he has to walk to and from the bus stations. He’ll be shattered so bedtime will be easier tomorrow. He’s a good kid, he’s just stubborn lol

I’m in bed watching a new show I’ve gotten into courtesy of a guy I work with. It’s called “Constantine”. It’s right up my street with weirdness, demons, Angels, magic etc. I’m on episode 5 already lol

I’m offskies.



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